EFCC traces Atiku’s laundered money to Obasanjo Library

The Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library Abeokuta, Ogun State: EFCC visits to find the recipient of Atiku’s money

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has extended to Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, its investigation of the laundered 150 million euros cash-for-poll by associates of former vice-president Atiku Abubakar.

It was learnt that the investigators went to the Library on August 8 to authenticate the claims by one of those under probe that he gave $140,000 (about N50 million) to one of the library officials.

According to reports, the EFCC officials, accompanied by policemen, combed some offices at the former President’s Library.

It could not be confirmed whether any document was taken away by the operatives, but nobody was arrested.

“Our operatives went to the library with some riot policemen in anticipation of possible resistance. But there was none. We did our job lawfully without any inhibition. We are still investigating the case. We are screening some documents in our possession on the matter,” an EFCC investigator told The Nation.

The Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library was opened on March 4, 2017. It is a historic, tourist and academic centre established as a national archive for the preservation of documents and materials used by the President during his tenure between 1999 and 2007.

Atiku’s son-in-law Abdullahi Babalele is being investigated alongside others for allegedly laundering €150 million. The money was believed to have been spent to influence the 2019 election in which Atiku was the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate.

About €67, 950,000 was traced to ex-VP Atiku’s associate Mr Uyi Giwa-Osagie’s account, Babalele’s account, two slush firms and two Bureau de Change operators.

Babalele is expected to account for 41,900,000 euros.

Sources said of the cash credited to Babalele’s account, he gave about N50million ($140,000) to his childhood friend, Bashir Mohammed to deliver to an official at the Presidential Library in Abeokuta. The anti-graft agency is investigating why the money was taken to the Presidential Library.

Bashir has reportedly admitted that he delivered the cash to the Presidential Library.

It was learnt that Bashir was taken by detectives to the Presidential Library.

Those interrogated including Babalele, Osagie and Mohammed, are on administrative bail pending the filing of a case against them.”

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  • EFCC are not independent at all.

    Obviously EFCC are fighting Buhari's battle and never fighting for Nigeria and Nigerians.

    It doesn't take much effort for anyone who is conversant and objective to acknowledge that EFCC are pounding and hounding Atiku for Buhari's political expediency aimed towards un marketing Atiku before the presidential election petition tribunal verdict.

    They are busy investigating Obasanjo's presidential library and searching for money that never here nor there, whereas before their eyes, Tinubu brought in, 2 bullion vans loaded with looted funds on the eve of the election.

    What a divisive government. What a prejudiced ruler. What a government of cronyism and subjugation and subversion.

    What a sawdust from a cheap wood. What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

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    • You are always a empty cannon with uncontrollable noise. So, because Atiku whose life since birth is shrouded in crime contested with Buhari, EFCC should not do its job so that your likes will see them as independent. Shame

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      • So what other evidence do you need before you send Efcc after your grandpa(TINUBU). So you think we're all moron like you. The video evidence and his response is on internet for you.

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      • Where was efcc when Babachir and Oke stole? And where was efcc when Ganduje brazenly collected bribe in foreign currency? People with warped brain like you are responsible for the irresponsible and ineptitude leadership we have in Nigeria.

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      • Jasper actually made more sense than you idiot. Either your brain has become too rotten to think or you were birn an imbecile.

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        • @wale, please forgive Adeola. He is transferring anger cos of frustration. You know in Nigeria now, his type are looking for opportunities of venting their anger out of what is on ground, joblessness, hunger, heightened corruption etc so, let him go. See the way he started by been insultive.

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