Boko Haram terrorists

Group Chairman of the Network of Civil Society Organisation in Borno, Mr. Ahmed Shehu, has revealed that lives of over 35 aid workers and 40,000 citizens in the troubled northern region of Nigeria have been lost with about 3 million residents internally displaced in the last ten years of Boko Haram insurgency.

Shehu made the revelation at a media briefing in Abuja to commemorate the World Humanitarian Day in Borno on Monday.

He also pointed out that the 2019 campaign was on Women Humanitarians who gave it all to humanitarian activities in the world.

“It’s a day directed towards honouring humanitarian efforts worldwide and propagating the idea of supporting people in crisis.

‘World Humanitarian Day 2019 focuses on celebrating women humanitarians and their undying contribution in making the world a better place.

“Women humanitarians hold a sense of unparalleled uniqueness, one that add to the global momentum of female strength, power and perseverance.

“It is time to honor the women who have acted as first responders to the darkest hours of crisis,” he said.

Shehu said Boko Haram was in its 10th years, which led to the death of over 40,000 people and displacing about three million people, adding that the casualty was usually soft target, innocent victims and aids workers, saying the day was a sober reflection to remember the humanitarians who lost their lives in the line of duty.

“The humanitarian community lost over 35 aids workers, majority are local actors, who sacrifice their comfort and life for others to live.

“We are urging security agencies to enhance security arrangement that will ensure that local actors are supported in reaching out to the affected population.

“We also call on UN Agencies and other partners to provide insurance cover to local civil society members they are partnering,” shehu said.

He, however, sympathised with families of those who had lost their lives, urging all relevant agencies to enhance and ensure quick dispensation of the severance packages of the fallen heroes to motivate upcoming generation to be in the front-line to defend humanity.