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Joshua and Samuel

The Abuja popular clergy and General Overseer of Shiloh Word Chapel, Prophet I.O. Samuel has reiterated that Prophet T.B Joshua is a genuine man of God with sufficient Grace of God upon him.

In a recent social media post, the Prophet admonished many whom he claimed have been silently begrudging the Senior Pastor of the Synagogue of All Nations, SCOAN and find it difficult to believe and see the light in the life of Prophet Joshua to seek God “for spiritual eyes to see beyond their noses.”

Prophet Samuel, who believes every man’s rejection always provoke God’s attention and announcements, then launched into an orgy of eulogy of Pastor Joshua; “Join me as I celebrate God’s grace upon my father’s life, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. Holy Spirit pray through me, guide my heart to your word of truth I’m on the wings of eagle, no struggles no stress.”

He continued: “I found grace and grace found me, when you discover God’s grace, then you focus on your faith. My advice to the public and my generation: don’t ever fight the grace of God upon a man because grace will disgrace you, the winner is not the first to start, but the finisher.”

Prophet Samuel has unabashedly proclaimed himself a self-protege of Joshua, the internationally-renowned man in the Synagogue.

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  • Am a Muslim, yet I believe God have his chosen one's, TB and I o Samuel may be among the chosen one's, pls we should not condemned any one, God knows what is hidden from us.

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  • Whatever bad you say about my Father in Christ Senior......Senior Prophet TB Joshua can’t change anything in him. He is a true, powerful man of God.
    God’s Grace is upon him. This is what I know about him: I was Asthmatic for 34 years, but just his spiritual touch, I was healed until today. My lungs were messed up.

    The funny part is that, my Father in Christ Prophet TB Joshua has never said anything about those who disgrace him.

    Many fake pastors are jealous of him!
    Else stop using the name Jesus because you don’t belong to Him!

    TB Joshua is a true Prophet! YES he is

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    • Keep collecting his money.Ua not convincing anyone but just working for ur stomach.U need it but remember there is God o.

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    • Native doctors also heal people so healing you doesn't mean he knows Jesus Christ???Born Agains are usually upset with truth spoken about their prophets and pastors and term it criticism and quote thou shall not judge but I have taught them thou shall judge in John 5.30,where as their so called prophets and pastors knows that you cannot criticize someone spiritually powerful than you because in the spiritual world there is hierarchy and everyone there as we meet knows who is who and no matter how , the Truth we speak must prevail >and >time tells who is who >behold we told you >>>Mathew 26,51>>Since time of Jesus Christ we have witnessed powerless people fighting for the POWERFUL and Simon Peter is a typical example and his kind has continued till this day where the powerless followers of so called prophets and pastors fight for them where as those they are fighting for understands that the fight is not physically designed and keep mute, while the spiritually ignorant followers make empty noise and boast ignorantly as if their masters have no eyes to see or power to fight the perceived battles. Followers must be wise and learn the things of spiritual which is never fought on social media and finally know that Power talks and not empty critics. Behold I said kingdom of Jesus Christ has come back to revenge and judge human beings of the world which I add and say those who claim to know Jesus Christ should investigate and not only investigate but it is accept this unbelievable truth or perish and those who are powerful can also See Me and know who is talking. This is authority of heaven of God of justice and those who understands there knows the consequences of vain challenge. I have spoken again to the whole world. # Words kills, they are life and death, so you choose # I speak plainly

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  • By their fruits and associations they shall be known and revealed.. Birds of the same feather flock together. Their end has come.

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  • Prophet Samuel and tb Joshua are never known to JesusChrist stop the deciets

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    • It is a pity how people waste their precious time in unnecessary discussion.
      Can we please look inwards - Are we individually living the life of Christ. We make mockery of ourselves by judging others.. Who made you a judge? The body of Christ is divided to a put where discernment is lacking. On the last day. We will be surprise those that will make it to heaven. Even other religion are more unity than us. Even in the corporate world you see them stand - out to what they believe. Guys, let people see the Christ in us before pointing fingers at someone. Many of us are full of deceit in the name of religion. It has just began the perilous times is now. Keep on sleeping, only time will tell.

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      • Because you lack knowledge thats why you think you powerless could fight for the supposed powerful??if you are wise you should leave tbjoshua and his promoter to fight us hence this is highly spiritual and not fight for you powerless>We have come to make things clear to humans of the world # how dare humans claim that they know Jesus Christ and here we are telling them that real Jesus Christ kingdom has comeback to judge and revenge humans and they don't know this TRUTH and revelation even as we have authorized humans to investigate what we say and we say no human being on EARTH can challenge the Revelation and Truth as we have declared but as we always say The TRUTH about life of humans is that where the TRUTH is humans don't go there and even JESUS CHRIST ,how many people liked what he was saying and why in John 6-60-67 he gave them licence to go away and practically chased people away and so Many people likes what we say but have they agreed to follow me and receive the unbelievable POWER as we declared .Remember we told you that everyone is FREE to claim anything and to say anything but we have made it clear to humans that it is only at NIGHT that we know who is real ,EVIL or genuine or good and not many people understand this parable and if they don't understand me as practical as I have been how would they understand JesusChrist and the bible that is full of parables and we go further to tell them that rat does not eat the food of a person that is awake.why not be wise and know the TRUTH and most importantly do the TRUTH #EVIL marine, occult world rules and many humanbeigns claiming to know or don't know GOD belong there and draw power from there and pretend before SPIRITUALLY ignorant humans but not to us with the LIGHT, the MANTLE, the POWER that be of he that made the SPIRITUAL laws. Think seriously about this and be wise for you to be FREE indeed

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