Andrew Edaile, middle, with Olubunmi Edaile, wife of murdered police inspector Mark Edaile

Family members of Inspector Mark Edaile, one of the police officers murdered by soldiers of the 93 Battalion in Taraba State last week, have demanded answers to some questions, as they called for justice and a thorough probe.

“The same Army that is charged with protecting the citizens of the country happens to be the perpetrators at the helm of this heinous and barbaric act.

“Our questions are: who are these soldiers working for? Whose side are they on? And whose payroll are these military personnel on? This and many more questions we demand answers to. We also demand to know the kidnapper was released by the army”.

Inspector Mark Edaile: murdered by soldiers of 93 Battalion

Andrew Edaile’s, Mark’s elder brother, raised the questions at a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday. With him were the wife of the victim, Olubunmi and other members of the family.

The Defence Headquarters has set up a 7-man panel to probe the killing in Taraba last week.

Edaile, who blamed the army for the death of his brother, said the family has been shattered since the news of the murder broke.

“Nothing should be swept under the carpet and we demand justice, we also want the perpetrators to be brought to book.

He called for an independent enquiry by local and international agencies to unravel the circumstances that warranted the brutal murder of the officer, who had served the nation for 16years.

He warned that if the Nigerian government failed to carry out a thorough investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice, the family would resolve that the murder of the late police officer was an act of conspiracy.

“We come before all well-meaning Nigerians and the international community at large to voice out our displeasure over the gruesome murder and inglorious killing of our brother who went on official duty for his beloved country that he has served for over 16years,” Andrew Edaile said.

“We vehemently speak against the perpetrators of this heinous act by the Nigerian Army and we demand a very thorough investigation by national, international community and as well independent body so that justice will be truly served.