By Jennifer Okundia

Social media has a way of coming for people, especially when you step on their last nerve. Twitter users have come after content creator and Instagram comedienne Gloria Oloruntobi popular as Maraji, for making a sensitive religious statements.

Maraji who has over a million followers on Instagram, took to her Instagram stories and wrote: ”There is only one way to heaven, No Allah, No Buddha, No Krishna, No Evolution, Only Jesus. ”Not Trying To Offend Anyone But The Truth Is Quite Offensive”.

This single act has aroused controversial tweets at the comic sensation.

Maraji’s videos are very funny and she’s endeared lots of fans to herself, but this time she’s getting it hot.

Coming at a sensitive time when the muslims are celebrating Sallah, some highly religious social media users pounced on her.

Read some tweets:

*Updated. We found that the post has not been deleted. WE apologise for the error.