Boris Johnson

New British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has sacked 10 cabinet members so far, with four others resigning and two retiring.

Johnson took over office on Wednesday to begin massive cleansing and sacking half of the cabinet in the most brutal reshuffle in decades.

Philip Hammond has quit as Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt goes as Foreign Secretary, the most high-profile exits in a slew of resignations.

Mr Johnson promises the UK will leave the EU by 31 October and sets out his first policy aims in a wide-ranging speech outside Number 10.

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According to BBC Political Editor, Kuenssberg, Johnson is showing he “wants to do things very differently indeed. In the last hour… he has lost 15 cabinet ministers from Theresa May’s team – that is an enormous number. That is a big and radical clear out.”

Sajid Javid is “likely” to be the next chancellor of the exchequer, while Dominic Raab could be foreign secretary she says.

“Priti Patel, meanwhile, is expected to be the new home secretary. If Mr Raab is given the job it would be a “big step up for someone of his experience”, she says.