Osun governorship race: Adeleke says PDP betrayed family

Senator Adeleke, PDP Governorship candidate in the 22 Sept. 2018 election in Osun State.

Dr. Deji Adeleke, founder and Pro-Chancellor, Adeleke University, Ede and elder brother to the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the September 22, 2018 governorship poll in Osun State, Sen. Ademola Adeleke, on Thursday, said many promises made by the PDP before the family accepted the party’s governorship ticket were not kept.

Dr. Adeleke, in a statement in Osogbo, declared that his younger brother had no intention to contest the governorship election in the first place, but was prevailed upon by the PDP leadership and elders before the family accepted “most reluctantly after receiving assurances and promises that were never kept.”

He, therefore, rejected the reported nomination of his brother for another try for the governorship seat of Osun in 2022 by  PDP leaders in the state, saying the party should give Senator Adeleke break to take a rest for now.

He expressed gratitude to those who were concerned about what he called “huge resources committed” to execute his younger brother’s participation in the PDP primary and general elections and the payment to lawyers during the litigation period.

Adeleke counselled that money spent on elections should not be considered an investment to be recouped upon assumption of office through corruption and banditry, but should rather be considered as a grant to help deepen democracy and advance the rule of law.

“I am not a card-carrying member of any political party but I am a sympathiser/supporter of the PDP in Osun State. Osun State PDP will be better off and well prepared for the next general election in the state if internal democracy is encouraged and enforced.

“All elective positions, including the position of governor of the state, should be open to all members of the party to contest in a transparent primary election. Everyone must be given a sense of belonging, in order to grow the party in Osun State.

“The PDP members that are trading blame within the party should be reminded that the PDP won the governorship election held on September 22, 2018, but was not allowed to take office by the powers that be in the ruling party. Members should be proud that the electorate sided with the party against the ruling party in that election and not blame each other for the daylight robbery that deprived the party of the mandate freely given by the good people of Osun State, which has brought shame and disgrace to Nigeria as a country.

“As for the Adeleke family, of which I am one, we will like to remind all the PDP members that Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke had no intention to contest the governorship election in the first place, but was invited and prevailed upon by the party leadership and party elders to contest the governorship election, which he and his family accepted most reluctantly after receiving assurances and promises that were never kept.

“Everything that followed after this, is now history. Senator Adeleke should, therefore, be given a break, to take his well-deserved rest and decide what he will do/not do when the time comes.

“Contributions to an election fund should always be considered a grant, to help deepen our democracy and advance the rule of law, which eventually translates into Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), economic growth and job creation.” The statement read.

Punch reported that in reacting to the controversies surrounding the adoption of Senator Adeleke as the PDP consensus governorship candidate of the 2022 poll, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the party, Diran Odeyemi, said a chieftain of the party from Osun West, while addressing a meeting held in Adeleke’s residence in Ede, on Tuesday, suggested that Senator Adeleke should be re-presented by the party in 2022.

“Dr Babalola said in appreciation of the support of the Adelekes to the PDP in Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke should be represented in 2022 and everyone seated clapped in appreciation of that motion”, Odeyemi was quoted to have said.

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  • He was prevailed upon by the leadership of PDP. He had no intention, meaning he wouldn't have even known where to start from. That would have been the disgrace and another PDP ATM in the making. Thank God it never happened. So Doc you are right. The rest is now history

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  • This is absolutely a co.ment from a scholarly personality. I wish this family a huge success and good health in the years to come

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  • Sir, the election in Osun did not and can never bring shame and disgrace to Nigeria. Osun is too small for that. Instead, Your brother brought shame and disgrace to Nigeria from attempting to write NECO at an old age and dancing irresponsibly all over the place. Aregbesola did not pay salaries and was hated in Osun still, Oyetola got that close to Adeleke in the first round of the elections. The question to ask is, what if Adeleke had something upstairs and actually articulated his plans for the development of Osun state instead of dancing all over the place would the election not have ended in a landslide in Favor of PDP? We all know that elections that were cancelled in Ife area would determine who becomes the governor. Both PDP and APC tried to lobby Omisore but he decided to go with APC. PDP came distant 3rd in Ife, APC came 1st and Omisore's party came 2nd. This explains why thugs were sent to disrupt elections in that zone. Osun people are APC sympathizers regardless of Aregbesola. The Adeleke family is also well know and liked by Osun people. Any normal politician should expect a tight race in such a situation especially when Omisore has a stronghold on his zone. It is a lesson to the Adelekes, Nigeria is moving away from jamboree and concert to ideas and performance. Your late brother did a good job in Osun, You should look for someone like him to run your state again and not a Micheal Jackson wannabe.

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