boots for rainy season

By Fatima Binta Muktar

In a stressful city like Lagos, one should be prepared for the rainy season. No worries! Simply pay attention to your feet. Rub thoroughly on the feet, an  organic Shea butter.

An instant warmth, for uncomfortable cold and numb toes during downpour.

Rain coat

Trust me, You can still look stylish with a hoody raincoat, denim, and umbrella, with an accompanying wool stockings and waterproof light weight boot would be a perfect choice.Try to check out for boots with  a removable inner faux-fur lining. That way, you can keep really stylish,  neat and keep super warm.

A man in rain coat

Natural fabric inner-wears like wool or cotton is preferred to synthetic. Remember to always wash  and keep the removable insole dry always.

That way, you do not have to  halt  from work, and suspend looking smart .

Sure, you can give a try.