Wole Soyinka and the disrespectful young man in face cap

Lanre Babalola

Tosin Odunfa, the fellow who posed as the young man who ordered Nobel laureate Professor Wole Soyinka to move out of his seat on a plane has denied being the impudent young man.

Odunfa who works at EbonyTV made this clarification on his twitter handle: TVTosin @TosinOdunfa some hours ago.

He said he was just trying to create a plausible scenario on why the youths must rise up and defend their future from the ageing-patriarchal society that doesn’t know the damage it is doing to their future.

Read his tweet below and the reactions of some Nigerians to his prank:

Meanwhile, the search for the young man in the encounter with Wole Soyinka continues. He is yet to identify himself and many Nigerians want to know him.