Benny Hinn

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Benny Hinn, Anita Schafer, and others are using new ways to help people find and connect with the life-changing Word of God.
Social media and technology have changed the way we live and connect with each other. That is why many churches and pastors are using technology to meet the spiritual needs of their followers. Like televangelists who used tv to reach a new, larger audience, these pastors are using the internet and mobile phones to reach Christians in a modern and meaningful way.

Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a popular Nigerian pastor, is the founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated. Pastor Chris uses new technology as the lead pastor of Christ Embassy, which has hundreds of locations worldwide. Pastor Chris’s LoveWorld runs an international LoveWorld television network and an online digital library. His sermons and writings – including his own daily devotional Bible that has been translated into over 140 languages, Rhapsody of Realities – are available to millions.

LoveWorld has built its own mobile app called KingsChat. KIngsChat has messaging, video chat, and social media features that let you connect with your family and friends and stay updated on all LoveWorld news and events. The Christian app bans all hate speech, gossip, and profanity. The free app has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome runs a healing school with locations in South Africa and Canada and an International School of Ministry. The group also produces gospel music through LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry. He also is the head of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International – a humanitarian aid organization.

Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn is an American pastor born in Israel. He converted at a young age and has continued to help others find their own path to God. He is a best-selling author, teacher and respected evangelist.

Hinn founded the World Healing Center Church and has become known for his ‘Miracle Healing Services,’ held in cities all over the world and broadcast live on Periscope.

Pastor Hinn became popular through his televised daily Christian talk show: This is Your Day. Through his tv program, website and mobile app, Hinn’s messages reach millions of people daily.

Today, Hinn operates on 11 different social media platforms and publishes eBooks. One of the newest additions to his website is a streaming radio service that has inspirational sermons and teachings.

Pastor Jella Wojacek (Pastor J)

Pastor J is the lead pastor of the fast-growing YOU Church in Switzerland. He found his path to Christ after studying Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Rhapsody of Realities, which still plays an important role in his church.
YOU Church connects with followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and KingsChat. Church services and events are broadcast many times a week to millions of people around Europe and the world. YOU Church is a leader in gospel music performance and production, with its music available for purchase on Apple Music and other providers.

Judah Smith

Judah Smith and his wife Chelsea are the lead pastors of Churchome. The church was once led by his father and called The City Church. The church has branches in Seattle and Los Angeles.

Smith became a national name with his New York Times best-selling book – Jesus is _____.

Churchome is popular among young adults and to better reach the church’s audience, Smith created a mobile app called Churchome Global. The app is a digital worship campus for followers with daily videos, devotionals, prayers and social features such as chats and prayer request boards.
Smith’s style of worship has attracted many celebrity followers including pop star Justin Bieber and NFL football player Russell Wilson.

Anita Schafer

Pastor Anita is the former wife of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. She lives in the United Kingdom and reaches her followers through her website. She writes a blog where she shares her teachings and offers spiritual guidance to thousands.

After her divorce from Pastor Chris, Anita began operating as an integrated life solution therapist. She offers coaching and therapy to those struggling.
Anita has also written several books and eBooks.

Carl Lentz

Joel Houston and Carl Lentz are the lead pastors of Hillsong NYC, a branch of the popular Australian Hillsong church founded by Joel’s parents, Brian and Bobbie Houston. Hillsong is famous for its music, with many songs written and performed by Joel and his worship band – Hillsong United.

The New York City branch of Hillsong is one of the fastest growing branches. They have worship services in many locations across the city and plan to build new churches in Boston and Connecticut.

One of the interesting ways that Hillsong NYC has built a community for its followers is through Connect Groups. These meet-ups help to create a sense of family and build meaningful relationships between like-minded Christians. Connect Groups include dinner parties, social events, study groups and shorter one-hour meetups for those with busy schedules. Connect Groups are a social way for those looking to devote time to their own spiritual growth.