Know the 64 traffic offences in Lagos and the penalties

RRS vehicle blocks a traffic offender in Opebi: Nine drivers sentenced to community service, their vehicles forfeited to LASG
RRS vehicle blocks a traffic offender in Opebi: There are 64 traffic offences in Lagos

With indications that the new Babajide Sanwo-Olu administration wants to enforce the traffic law, the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority(LASTMA) has rolled out the 64 offences in the statute and the penalties.

LASTMA in a tweet urged all residents of the state “Ensure to #ObeyTrafficRules at all times #ForAGreaterLagos”.

While some offences carry various fines and imprisonment and training at Lagos State Driving Institute, there are about 20 offences that provide for the seizure of the cars, trucks, motorcycles of traffic offenders.

Lagos State Traffic Offences

The offences which can trigger forfeiture of vehicles by offenders are:
Violation of routes by commercial vehicles, disobeying traffic control, personnel, parking on the yellow line on a public highway or illegal parking, neglect of traffic directions, vehicles crossing double yellow line/centre line. Also, drivers who ignore the offside rule by staying within the yellow junction box will also lose their vehicles, when arrested.

Other offences that will cause forfeiture of vehicles are: failure to yield to the right of way of a pedestrian at a Zebra crossing, failure of a slow-moving vehicle to keep to the right lane, driving in a direction prohibited by the law and neglect of traffic directions.

Sanwo-Olu declares war on traffic offenders, to set up special courts

Overloading of a commercial vehicle will attract seizure of the vehicle as well. Also, those who park or drive on the walkway or kerbs will lose their vehicles. Bullion van driving in a direction prohibited by law will also be seized.

Unlicensed Motorcyclists will also lose their bikes. Government will impound motorcycles below 200 cc and bikes driven by minors.

The other offences:


  1. It is so sad that we make laws to empower lastma officers to make money and not for the state. Today at Anthony oke, 13-11-2019 , the lastma office were collecting 5k from vehicles arrested. But my own question is “is that the right ?

  2. Mr governor this is too hash, how can you bring those laws and fines upon us, my car broke down on the road and lastma towed the car to their Office and ask me to pay fine. This is wickedness. People are not happy with you at all. There is hunger everywhere and you are making life miserable for people. God is watching you and your law enforcers .

  3. Mr Governor this is too much for the poor lagosian RECEIVING 20,000 NAIRA MONTHLY , Government should put in all ROAD SIGNS, EG .
    NO U-TURN, NO ONE WAY, NO LEFT TURN, NO RIGHT TURN, SLOW DOWN, and also REPAIR THE BAD SPOTS/ROADS And fix LIVE TRAFFIC CAMERA TO THE HIGHWAY to observes vehicular traffic on a road before applying these good rules. NAH WA THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE POLICE AND LASTMAN TO WORK ILLEGALLY. We want Akinwunmi Ambode . Make God Helps Us in Nigeria , AMEN.

  4. If fines are not exorbitant people might not take it serious. However we the Lagos residents and the government are not enemies, I don’t see any reason why traffic offenders should go to prison. They have wives, kids and people that depend on them. so why should you send people to prison just because they commt traffic offences. Fine is better and okay, until all roads, traffic lights and caution signs are fixed. And create more awareness and continuous enlightenment of people on traffic laws.

  5. Lasma have started with immediately corruption of this opportunity the Lagos government give to them especially those lasma in iponri the way they works in a team hood car and truck in industrial road at jimoh odutola yesterday along doyin to oille road they even came area boys with army beat and collected phone

  6. Mr Governor take it easy, in a country where 30000 minimum wage is difficult for u people to pay and u are fining people all these exorbitant amounts to pay for offences and at the same time you want to stop fraud. How could all these be achieved? Mr BOS just tell us you don’t want the Poor to drive in Lagos.thanks

  7. The executive Governor should tread softly. The commercial vehicles would definitely bribe their ways out.Private car owners are just being sold out cheaply to these traffic officials( except for those with cars that can intimidate them). For God sake,how do you keep 64 traffic rules!!!.in this Lagos.i.e How do you measure a worn tyre?
    When a danfo would cause obstruction because he’s hunting for passengers in the presence of traffic officials and if a private car behind tries to pull out, the private car is arrested and the Danfo is let off.
    There is God ooooo

  8. Right inside Alausa, the single & double yellow lines are not being enforced. Most commercial vehicles and their drivers has no driver’s license and particulars. Yes laudable, yet the time plates and Street furniture’s are no where to be found or obscured & not legible.

  9. Right inside Alausa, the single & double yellow lines are not being enforced. Most commercial vehicles and their drivers have no driver’s license and particulars. Yes laudable, yet the Street furniture are no where to be found or obscured; not legible.


  11. How i wish Lagos State Governor Mr. Sanwo-Olu can see all the comments from the Lagosians because it will be of advantage to his government and a lot of benefits to Lagosians and also to the future of Lagos State.

  12. Lagos State Government should put in place all ROAD SIGNS, eg. NO U-TURN, ONE WAY, NO LEFT TURN, NO RIGHT TURN, SLOW DOWN, and also REPAIR THE BAD SPOTS/ROAD, before applying these good rules. Is a good concept by the Governor, but he should get all these aforementioned things before shooting offenders, again, the Governor should warn those Police or Traffic Officers not to be hiding at a corner waiting for cars to pass one way unknowingly to the drivers, the Police should direct the vehicle before entering one way and direct the driver to appropriate route, it will ease Lagosians a lot of mess. Thank you Mr. Governor and God Bless.

  13. Hoe can a driver keep 64 traffic laws just to apply lagos road? even in a developed world is not like this,did they consider visitors visiting Lagos from other states
    I am looking at money venture here,or trouble between danfo drives okada drivers with lastma officials, my advice is that the state government should expand their garage and their prison capacity bcoz what this law means or saying is that don’t drive in Lagos bcoz lastma officials can dictate your offense without planning

  14. Make signs like ‘no u -turn, no left turn, no right turn etc be bold and visible that everyone can see not hidden as their manner is.

  15. I think government should play its role by fixing traffic lights, filling all potholes and educating drivers more on LASDRI B4 this law, because we poor voted you in. is this what you’re paying us back with…God dey

  16. My suggestion is for the government to do its part by putting signs, directions and fixing bad roads before enforcing the law. If anyone breaks the rule, he can now be arrested

    • Thank you. fix all roads and apply the road signs. Do not empower lastma now because this is just the beginning of more problems and poverty that will take place in Lagos state. God help us

  17. As far as i am concerned, this doesn’t make any sense to me. Let’s fix the roads, fix all traffic lights, Put road signs on all roads, educate the officials first before enforcing the laws.

    • These ’64 laws’ should be the last thing the new administration should focus on..
      There are far more weighty issues to address in the state than empowering these lastma officials who are mostly insensitive and would rather take advantage of the situation than use it to better the state.
      I say that these laws be contested. It is an avenue to encourage and perpetrate bribery and corruption.

      By the way, which assembly sat to pass the bill that gave birth to these laws in less than 30 days after the swearing in on May 29th??

  18. The Lagos State Government should have played their own part before rolling out the obnoxious law they could not enforce for long. They should install the necessary signs such as: NO STOPPING, NO LEFT TURN, ONE WAY ONLY etc. Educate the people and let them know that they have broken the law.
    Secondly you can not bring sanity to our roads without strict discipline on the yellow buses ( danfo buses) which have turned to kings of the road. They drive with impunity and stop anywhere to load and off load. Kindly address all these issues before making traffic laws that coult not stand test of time.

  19. I hope LASMA is waking up. Right now they watch Okada driving against traffic on express roads.

    • Even the branded okadas sef. Taking one way in Alausa. I wonder why they are there. There’s no difference btw them and the other riders

    • It’s a pity our last government had no action.I see sanwo olu doing better, but yesterday the truck drivers went back to parking on the road of Lagos (Apapa oshodi road ).I hope they start impounding their trucks

    • What are you even saying? I believe you don’t have a car, that’s why you are on this governor’s side. 64 traffic rules? They are too many. And who enacts that?

  20. Most of these offences and the penalties have no human flesh. They do not reflect the status of our society.

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