The freed Canadian girls and two of the arrested Nigerian kidnappers: despite kidnapping in Ghana, deputy Defence minister says Ghana is heaven compared with Nigeria and some other countries

In the wake of the release of two kidnapped Canadians in Kumasi, Ghana’s Deputy Minister for Defence, Major (Rtd) Derrick Oduro may have stirred some controversy when he likened Ghana to Heaven regarding the crimes of kidnapping.

In his view, Ghana is relatively safer compared with Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and other parts of the World.

When majority of Ghanaians are panicky about the recent spate of kidnappings in the country, Oduro described Ghana as Heaven in terms of the number of kidnappings that happen in other parts of the World.

According to him, Ghana does not come close to the number of kidnappings recorded in some countries citing that Nigeria records about 250 kidnappings a day whereas Kenya also records five kidnappings a day.

Derrick Oduro

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Nkoranza North constituency observed that Nigeria records 10-20 kidnappings hourly. He did not state the source of his statistics.

The Deputy Defense Minister attributed the series of kidnappings Ghana is faced with to emerging crimes across the World.

In an interview with Asempa FM monitored by, he said, ‘Ghana is experiencing kidnappings because of emerging crimes, Nigeria about 250-300 people are kidnapped on daily basis, Nigeria records 10-20 kidnappings hourly, go to South Africa, Kenya so many attacks are going on there, other countries record huge number of kidnappings, ours is a small figure, when it comes to kidnappings, Ghana is a heaven’.

He said though Ghana does not have any open confrontations with the terrorist groups there is a possibility they won’t spare Ghana if its security is loose, calling on Ghanaians to exercise restraint as the security forces try to combat kidnappings.

*First published by Ghanaweb. Com