A Nigerian in the Diaspora, Mrs Nguzo Ogbodo, has pledged to build toilets and other facilities for some schools and communities along Airport Road in Abuja.

Ogbodo, founder of the Hope and Dreams Initiative, a U.S. based Non-Governmental Organisation said this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

She said she would provide water facility and waste bins to assist school girls especially during their menstrual period, and also the communities in general.

”We have over a thousand girls on our menstrual hygiene programme.

”We are going to build waste bin, construct toilets and sink boreholes here in this community. These are the programme we are targeting.

”Every girl must have access to toilet facilities, there must be wash facilities, sanitary pads in the schools,” she said.

Ogbodo also called on government to be more committed to provision of necessary facilities for schools as well as taking care of girls during their menstrual period.

“We need the government to do more. The leaders need to do more, because when you are on the seat of power and you are not doing anything the society will not move forward.

“So, I am pleading with the leaders and the government to please do more and work with organisation like us to achieve this,” she said.