In 2011, when Bitcoin was worth just 11$, Eric Fineman an eleven-year-old boy, borrowed $1000 from his grandmother to invest in Bitcoin! Countdown to 2013 when Bitcoin grew to $1200, he made a huge fortune!

This is just one of the many crypto rags to riches stories that sound like a fairytale to most people, Crypto Currency has made a lot of people billionaires today. Some took the risk of believing in cryptocurrency in the early days and some invested a lot to gain more.

There may be fewer such stories nowadays but indeed people are still making money through newer and profitable channels in cryptocurrencies through trading, investing on ICOs, buying and selling of gift cards, etc, and in CoinCola, we have a platform that combined a number of cool features into one easy-to-use platform which will definitely give some people fortunes in coming years.

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On Coincola, there are quite different ways Youths and Millennials can make money. they include:

  • Trading Gift Cards
  • Supplying Bitcoin to foreigners at a good rate
  • Receiving payment for their online services in BTC via Coincola
  • Youths and Millennial receiving salaries via Coincola
  • Trading of BTC/USD on Coincola
  1. Making Money on CoinCola through Gift Card Trading

Some days ago we talked about how to make money with gifts card in Nigeria. In Coincola, users can easily trade their gift cards with Bitcoin. You can make some fortunes through that! All you have to do is to register, render online services or sell an item online in exchange for gift cards, then go to CoinCola and exchange it to cool cash.

Now, Buy Bitcoin with Gift Cards At CoinCola, You Will Get $2 For Every $50 Trade!

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  1. Supplying Bitcoin to Foreigners

Since the Bitcoin pump started recently, some bitcoin loyalists that have been ‘hodling’ bitcoin are fidgeting over the trading the price of Bitcoin and how they can sell it. Anyone can trade BTC in Coincola. You can sell it to foreigners at a very moderate price.

Start Trading Bitcoin In Nigeria At CoinCola Today!

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Through CoinCola can start earning a monthly salary too, through your everyday trading there, you can make huge profits. The charge per trade is very cheap. CoinCola gives you 2$ on your first trade of above 50$ too! It’s also interesting to note that in trading cryptocurrencies on Coincola, you can choose to store your money as USDT so that your balance does not lose value.

How to land extra Bonuses trading Bitcoin on CoinCola  

There are some certain things that you need to follow in order to get trading bonuses. they include:

  • Promotion is only valid to users who have not done ANY OTC trade before.
  • Users will receive a ONE TIME bonus of 0.0001 BTC instantly if an OTC trade of 0.001 BTC or more is conducted before the voucher expired.
  • The bonus will be sent to OTC wallet only. You can check the balance via Wallet -> OTC Account -> BTC -> History.
  • Campaign period: 25 MAR 2019 – 20 JUN 2019 HKT.
  • This campaign is for the non-China market. If you’re interested in the policy for the Chinese market, switch to the Chinese version to view the policy for China market.
  • CoinCola reserves the right to investigate any suspicion or inappropriate activities related to any coinCola promotions, and to disable any inappropriate accounts at any given time.
  1. Exchanging your online Services payment to BTC in Coincola

Every user is given the opportunity to exchange any form of payments that he gets from offering online services to BTC in Coincola. For example, if your client says that his best payment method is Paypal or Skrill, you can provide these accounts for him and later exchange the funds through CoinCola to naira.

  1. Earning through CoinCola Referral Program

CoinCola is already doing a massive referral program in the website, it gives everyone the chance to let their friends and family register and earn a particular percentage of their first trade, that is, you stand to earn every 20% of each trade done by them in the first 1 month.

In shading more light on this, this is how it can be done

  • You will be eligible for a commission if a user signed up via your referral link AND successfully completed trade(s).
  • The commission will be sent instantly in real-time to your CoinCola account. The amount of commission = trade volume x transaction fee x reward ratio.
  • Reward period for each newly registered user will start from the first day up till 180 days. The reward ratio for the first 30 days is 20%, followed by a rate of 15% until the last eligible date.
  • Reward will be paid in whatever cryptocurrency the original transaction fee was paid in. Reward details can be found in “Wallet” – “Cryptocurrency” – “Reward History”.
  • Each user can only be referred to once.

Referred users are required to pass KYC in order for the referrer to receive a reward.

  • Above terms are only valid to users who registered on or after 2019/04/26 10:00. Previously registered users will be subject to past program rules.
  • CoinCola reserves the right to change the terms of the referral program at any time due to changing market conditions, risk of fraud, or any other factors we deem relevant.

Youths earning money in CoinCola can be so easy! Link up and make some cash here! You can still be the next Eric Finema.

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