A prisoner in jail

A Sharia Court l sitting in Magajin Gari, Kaduna State, on Monday ordered that a housewife, Zainab Baban-Chalco be remanded in prison for allegedly calling her neighbour a bastard.

Mrs Aisha Muhammad,38, dragged Baban-Chalco to court for allegedly calling her ‘unprintable names’.

The Judge, Dahiru Lawal, gave the order for remand, pending when a reliable surety appears in court to bail Baban-Chalco.

Lawal adjourned the case until May 20 for Muhammad to [roduce her witnesses.

Earlier, Muhammad, who love in Flour mills Area, bypass Kaduna, told the court that she’s had no peace since Zainab Baban-Chalco moved into their rented apartment.

“Every time we have a disagreement, she calls me a bastard. I am tired of the insults.

“When Baban-Chalco moved into my neighbourhood, I took her as a sister. I sometimes assist her by giving her loans and she pays me in installments,” Muhammad said.

The defendant, Baban-Chalco, 35, accepted the charges leveled against her.

Baban-chalco also told the court that Muhammad calls her names and accuses her of having extra-marital affairs with men when her husband goes to work.

“She also calls my children illegitimate” Baban-Chalco said.