I now cart my tithe to God in trailer loads – Bishop Oyedepo

Oyedepo in his sermon

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo says he now carts his tithe to God in trailer loads.

Oydepo said since 1982 till date, he had never failed in paying his tithe, noting that God had been faithful in lifting him up.

He said one did not need to steal to shine or rob to prosper, but that faithfulness in the payment of tithes would bring prosperity.

Oyedepo, at a recent sermon, added that starting or pastoring a church did not equate wealth.

According to him, “you don’t have to steal to shine, you don’t have to rob to prosper. If it is pastoring/founding a church that makes people prosper, there are many pastors/church founders who are paupers.

“You can’t go up except by tithing. From 1982 till date, my tithe hasn’t failed once; now I cart it to God in trailer loads,” he said.

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  • It's a shame. Pastors dis days r yahoo boys on d pulpit as i refer to dem. How can u fool ur members by saying u load with trailer to God. What r u loading, d loot from tithe, offerings and seeds abi. 5 private jets credited to u as a pastor while our adored and respected pope has gone none. Who r u pple fooling. I blame those gullible idiots called ur members.

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  • Thank you my Bishop. On delivery, what does God use it for. The Bible says judgement will start from Church leaders because they know and mislead my people.
    In the old testament era, the Levites have no inheritance, no farm. They are to serve the Lord FULL TIME. Hence the Bible prescribes tithe for them.
    With the coming of Lord Jesus, who by the way is of the lineage of David, and so not a Levite, we are all now Levites. It is only a lazy Pastor who will have no work. As Apostle Paul says, he who does not work, should not eat. Paul was a tent maker.
    My Bishop Oyedipo, if you have no daily work you are doing, you are not a Christian.

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  • Just another ploy of carting away the 'fools' hard earned money to buy another jet and building the proposed largest auditorium #mtcheew

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  • Bishop Oyedepo, if I may ask you this question, the money you collected from Atiku when you were body guard did you take tithe from it because it was in dollars, Bishop Oyedepo has no money again this is a style to cry to the congregation, may be the tithe offerings box is empty, this is another ploy to speak to the congregation , trailer my ass, fools

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  • This Gatekeeper of hell, paying tithe, in trailers to GOD, one wonders the size of tithe he will pay his master's The DEVIL,........

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  • Greatest format /formula. He is making every member to pay tithe then use some for poverty eradication and the rest to be a big boi

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  • He is just a thief, how does he send the money to God? He keeps fooling the weak minded to corner their income to buy private jets and real estate.

    In Israel no one pays Tithes, none in China, USA Uk and all the places, its only in Nigeria you hear a Fraud practicing Pastor claim that paying tithes enriches rather than work hard.

    Religion eh?

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  • Hmm........ I wonder what God does with all that money. Buy himself a piece of his own paradise, a yacht and a couple of private jets maybe. If God needs money, I think human beings do not need God.

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