Sunday Orisaguna and Olajumoke.

By Michael Adesina

Breadseller turned model, Olajumoke seems to have confirmed the rumours concerning the state of her relationship with the father of her children, Mr Sunday Orisaguna.

Recall that Olajumoke had previously lashed out at Sunday Orisaguna for publicly revealing that she no longer accord respect to him.

Olajumoke responded by stating that she has been responsible for her husband’s needs as well as those their children. She added that her husband no longer works and solely depends on her.

Olajumoke however, indicates sign of their separation by changing her name from Olajumoke Orisaguna to Olajumoke Chris.

This deliberate action from Olajumoke has been accompanied by videos of her on social media, dancing and showing signs of an individual that has just detached from negative vibes.