Eva Alordiah

By Jennifer Okundia

This gist right here from rapper and content creator Eva Alordiah comes from a place of true healing and deep finding of one’s true self.

Relationships can work or not and when they don’t the pain felt and the neediness it leaves a person with is so powerful that if not properly curtailed, it can cause more harm than good.

Recall that Eva had a major heartbreak from her fiance and since then she became a better version of herself after consistent nurturing.

Read her post here:

When you can completely Fill Yourself up, someone only comes in to help you overflow. 💦
If you ever find yourself in desperate “Need” to be with another, it is a sign that you desperately need to get together with yourself.
This absolute dependency on the attention or love of another person is only an indication of your own lack of attention toward self. The bad thing is, people will invariable take advantage of you when you project this kind of emotional instability.
The best Relationships you will ever have are those in which you have no yearning for possessing, owning, needing or having the other.
Enjoy being with yourself.
Enjoy your own space.
Get back to your hobbies and passions.
Fill your time up with activities you are interested in.
Be so content and vibrant and happy being by Yourself, that whether someone comes along or leaves, you still have your own happy place with or without them. 💦