Daddy Freeze

Controversial on-air personality, Daddy Freeze said he does not care if people call him demon but that when he sees pastors stealing from Nigerians in form of tithes and offering, he will speak up.

Freeze, on his Instagram page, said “call me a demon, I don’t care but when I see you stealing from poor Nigerians in tithes and offering, I’ll speak up and challenge you.”

In another post, Freeze said “The greatest dingbat is the one shouting “in church” he fails to realize that we are the church, not a building. Collecting tithes from Christians is stealing in its own right. Christ never collected tithes, neither did his disciples.”

He then mocked: “All the numerous people who have come to the #FreeNation to beg for money and assistance have been regular tithers, every single one of them.

“Yet our church, a church that doesn’t tithe, is solving their problems. I get up to 25 requests for assistance daily once again mostly from tithers, powerful tithers who tithe consistently.

“I think I can say fairly and logically, that tithing makes your life tight. 90% can never be enough for what 100% could not be enough for. If you don’t have enough you are poor and no where in the scriptures, new or old, were the poor required to tithe.

“Christ never collected tithes and neither did the disciples, stop leading yourself to an early grave of penury by holding on to a false and useless doctrine!”