Ali Baba

Veteran comedian Ali Baba is fond of dishing out encouraging words and advice on his page and today he says some persons who experienced failed marriages might not be the victim but rather their spouse who left.

The comic act disclosed that playing the victim is common without people finding out the other side of the story.

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When some people start playing the victim for you, you will think their ex is a demon. Till you see them in their elements… That is whem you will begin to see why the other person left. People who never had a drop of generousity in them, will not say it's their stingy nature that broke the relationship. The ones that the core i7 jealousy is so strong that they even question, a Catholic "Who is this Mary you are always calling in your prayers?". The one that is a dundee will not say the partner left because he or she didn't want I better pass my neighbour kids. Non will say, their ex left because he couldn't tolerate their temper any more. Of course none will say they didn't see the partner being able to take care of them financially. AND THERE ARE THOSE WHO WILL MAKE YOU THINK THEY WERE THE PERSON WHO HELD THE RELATIONSHIP TOGETHER. Until you hear the other side of the story. Some will say it's because they are insatiable. They will use another reason to cover it. And Oh laaaaaaaaawwwd, there are those who have been in the world and they can not think of giving up that freedom. But The blame is always on the one that left. You hear, "I begged and begged and begged. But because he (or she) never cared, they refused. Meanwhile the same thing that was causing the begging must have happened like 27 times. Not all spouses whose partners left them are victims. Sometimes the victim RANNNNNNNNN

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