Adekunle Dada

Nigerian lady has taken to social media to advise women not to lose their husbands because of boyfriend.

Ugochi, who shared photos from her traditional wedding on Facebook said she met her husband in November, 2018, who paid her bride price in December and traditional wedding in January 2019.

She also revealed that she was in long term relationship before she met her husband. Ugochi used the opportunity to advise ladies not to get stuck in long term relationships as they might not lead to marriage (though it works for some people).

Her Facebook post reads:

Met on November
Bride price paid on December
Traditional wedding on 2nd January 2019
If you’re not understanding that relationship of 15 years biko let it go, it mustn’t lead to marriage ( though it works for some people), I too was in that long term relationship before I met him, don’t lose your husband cox of boyfriend. So many people are busy saying“why didn’t you both date?” And I tell you , prayer is the shortcut, once you’ve prayed and everything confirmed, biko fire down
The person I planned to play is my husband today
Congratulations to us