Tonto Dike in alluring outfit

Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dike has been spotted with an alluring outfit that will certainly keeps tongues wagging.

She posted the picture on her Instagram account, tontolet, branding herself as superhuman for not having been with a husband since she broke up her relationship over a year ago.

Recalling her past, Dike said through it all, she has been victorious.

“Is there anything she cant handle? She has been broken. She has been knocked down. She has been defeated.
She has felt pain that most would die of.

“She looks fear in the eyes and gives it a pat on the head, year in year out but she never runs and never hides.
She always finds a way to get back up.

“She is unbreakable, she is a warrior; she is a mother to an amazing boy and proudly without a husband… She is a superhuman, she is a king,” she said on her Instagram.