Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka

Mr Gboyega Isiaka a.k.a GNI, the African Democratic Congress (ADC) Ogun State governorship candidate has warned the electorate that politicians with questionable character would not engender the desired national development.

The former General Manager of Gateway Holdings made the assertion after his electoral campaign visit to Ibafo community along Lagos/Ibadan expressway on Thursday.

Isiaka, a two-time governorship candidate is now seeking to become the sixth democratically elected governor of the gateway state after the incumbent, Chief Ibikunle Amosun.

He said that politicians with already blemished record could in no way possess a good intention for the people and the development of the nation.

“I will advise the electorate to check on the background of those that are seeking to represent them. Many of them are with tarnished records.

“Some of them have certificate scandals while some have criminal records, and if I may ask, can those with such records bring any development to the nation?

“It is regrettable that we have people with questionable characters vying for public offices in Nigeria, but be that as it may, the electorate should ensure that they are rejected them through polls.

“In Ogun State, we have some of them with such records aspiring to be in the government and I charge the electorate to be wary of such personalities.

Isiaka said that a “Leopard cannot change its spot”; hence politicians with track records of corrupt practices would do no good to the nation.

“Some of the politicians will be claiming that they have changed, but can a leopard change its spot? We need honest people to rule the affairs of this country not the corrupt ones.

“Some of the politicians cannot defend their certificates they claimed to have, some with even criminal charges, these are not good for the development of our country.

“Our economic prosperity can only be entrusted in honest people and not those with questionable characters. This is the reason I ask people to check on my background.

“I have remained unblemished throughout my public life. My plea is that our people must be more vigilant on the personality and antecedent of those aspiring to the public office,” he said.