Busola Dakolo and mum

Timi Dakolo’s wife Busola Dakolo celebrates her mum today for giving her a good upbringing, growing up and having her kids, she sees reasons with why her mother used to flog her with combs.

Busola is giving her mother all the accolades today even though she got marks all over her body from her mother’s flogging tool.

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Let me introduce you to my sweet mother. Her combs gave me marks all over my body because that was her flogging tool on me. Now that am a mother and seeing what I go through with my children everyday, Omo she tried. I would tell you what you didn't want to hear straight to your face. Many times she would tell me," I won't forgive you for what you just said" but the next minute she is rushing to do one thing or the other for me. Mothers don't live by emotions, we live deliberately. 😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ to all mothers, your dream is still valid. Make everything around you work for you. You can navigate towards your dream right where you are. First step, analyse your situation. My lovely mothers, we are on this journey together😘😘😘 #motherhood

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