Naira Notes

By Nneka Okumazie

The supremacy of money across Nigeria, yet the failure of – almost – everything regarding development is indicative of how little individual wealth means to an abandoned society.
Luxury, personal comfort and special services are prime targets across the country. Some get the most, some try to get some, and some try to get one.

But, a good apartment does not mean a good nation. A paved road somewhere does not mean development. Street light does not mean electricity. Swimming pool does not mean water supply. Employed does not mean prosperous. Education does not often turn into passion. Food does not mean full. A good smartphone does not mean knowledge. A good vehicle does not exempt from perils of travel and traffic. Entertainment success does not mean happiness.

Having some of these by many and being comfortable, robbed Nigeria of passion for development, risk taking towards development, talent, skill and competence for development solutions.

Nigeria is supposed to be the hotbed of great ideas, great projects and a storm of solutions at problems until they are solved.

What can any sector – public or private – in Nigeria, boast about, as solution, in 2018? In all the major underdevelopment problems of Nigeria, how many things were done towards solutions, or what more things have markedly improved, that Nigeria can say, this is never again our problem?

Instead, people go abroad, come back and complain, or some stay abroad and complain. People in Nigeria complain. Government complains. Private sector complains about government. Government complains about corruption. Universities say no money. Government gets no good studies or models from Universities on how to improve various sectors.

The thing goes round and round, while corporate fraud continues, internet fraud continues, bribery continues, accountability and transparency are exiled, corruption is so normal; projects are used as tests not as solutions. Some projects must fail in order to know it was a bad plan – plus waste of money. Nigeria has nothing transcendent to show, as population rises and poverty footslogs.

But there is money. People use good stuff, some have good access. Some have great cars, houses, jobs, travels, education, etc. But the flood of passion and smarts needed for development are awry.

As complex as corruption is in Nigeria, there are some people somewhere who would have great sets of workable ideas or solutions to fight it.

Assuming there were University centers, or private, or whatever – seriously – on anti-corruption, and there are consistent great studies [from all sources] on how to stop corruption in different ways, there would be a state government somewhere, or a local government somewhere, or a federal agency somewhere that has had enough and would start adopting some of the solutions.

This way, things can move forward, and the same applies to electricity, unemployment, poverty, public health, infrastructure, etc.

But NO, there are no serious centers, or serious studies, or serious [great] ideas. Most purported studies are jokes. So hands are folded, everyone often suggests vaguely what government can do, then – government does nothing, Nigeria is almost standstill, but new clothes, parties, and show-offs mean Nigeria is better for you.

Distraction is the trend. Something must distract the nation every week. Also, it seems the nation is frustrating everyone, equally, at the same time, so no one can develop models to solve common problems, and hope that it gets picked up by some willing government or if possible export within the continent so as to shame governments in Nigeria, to adopt great stuff.

But there is money in hands, but the need of the nation is not money, or luxury with individuals. Neither is it in the showing off of it. Some bank branches are in the midst of exasperating poverty. Some bank headquarters overlook impoverished markets, and hard laborers.

Yet, banks would not find ways to find and support [really] great ideas on how poverty can be reduced for the nation [by growing incomes, growing purchasing power of incomes and improving conditions of living].

Yes, it is not the primary purpose of banks to do this, but they often have CSR programs that does stuff for, say, five hundred people, or whatever. This flawed giving back model is part of the delusion of doing something – that has little impact on the greater society.

Fifty people at one local government may be given stuff, but broadmodels for poverty reduction are far better for the nation.

Nigeria complained in 2018, and now nothing is almost better. People rarely get tired of no electricity, bad healthcare, much traffic, bad roads, to leave whatever they are doing to find models on solutions, and to passionately continue – undeterred.

Some would distract and help others stay distracted. They would blame the wrong places and people for the problems. They cannot add any great idea or model on how the nation can move forward.

Assuming a lifetime hater and critic like daddy freeze isan activist over workplace experience, where people talk about good stuff at their offices and bad labor practices, his impact and change to work ethic – for staff, and for employers would be better for the nation.

But NO,to him, it is Pastor that is responsible for poverty, and going to a place [the Church] people go voluntarily – almost similar to a social activity, means brainwashing. NO!

Individual money has failed Nigeria. Entertainment is part of what fails, deludes and distracts the nation. Nigeria needs far more people stepping up for great development moves. Though true Churches help people to stay hopeful, but Churches too are not for national development.
[Romans 15:13, Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.]