London-based journalist and publisher, Alhaji Dauda Awwal has vowed to defeat Senate President Bukola Saraki in the 2019 senatorial contest for Kwara Central senatorial district.

Awwal is contesting for the Kwara Central senatorial district under the platform of the Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP)

Awwal who spoke with PMNEWS said he is not afraid of contesting against the Senate President because he has what it takes to win the election.

”I am contesting against the Senate President, Bukola Saraki. I believe I will defeat him. Kwarans are tired of APC and PDP. My people needs my service in kwara. I may not be as rich as Saraki but I believe I am valuable than him.

”The story of David and Goliath taught us a lesson about facing giants and problems which seem impossible to solve. I believe everything is possible with God. Some of our leaders have destroyed Nigeria. We need youths to bring positive changes to the country. If Nigerians were allowed to assess the performance of these leaders, there will be no automatic re-election for all these leaders who destroyed our nation.

”JMPP will record victory over other political parties that ruined our nation through the looting of the public purse.

”Politics is real life, it’s not a do or die thing. It’s not warfare it’s about the people’s welfare,” Awwal stated.

The budding politician from Kwara State assured Nigerians that JMPP will wipe out corruption from the country and make it great again.

”Nigeria will be great again, I assure you. Under JMPP, there will e abundance,” he stated.

Here is the manifesto of Awwal.


My name is Awwal standing for Justice Must Prevail Party, JMPP. I am the only Candidate from Kwara Central. Please, I need your support; I need your Vote so that Kwara Central can have a genuine voice in the Federal. I will ensure all communities are benefited. Let’s work together to uplift our nation.

The primary function of government is the provision of security and welfare to its people. The entails the provision of basic infrastructures and enabling environment that will bring about social cohesion, economic development, religious harmony and peaceful co-existence .JMPP Government shall strength the immigration laws, border control will be exercised maximally and the profiling of both citizens and foreign nationals shall transparently carried out. Citizenship laws will also be reviewed to meet the exigencies of current happenings in the worlds bolster our security matrix and re-engineer our foreign policy regimes. Nigeria shall be fenced all-round allowing specific entry points for overhauled state of the art immigration procedures; welfare for security agent will be first of its kind in the whole world.
The Priests, Imams Orphans, Widows, Needy and aged (70 years above) will be entitled to stipend from the federal and state government. People living with disability (PLWD) and indigent citizens shall be correct for deliberately strategically employees.


The alarming state of unemployment in Nigeria is unacceptable, particularly considering that the nation is reputed to be one of the richest since Independence. We have both human and natural resources. The JMPP Government will expand and equip technical colleges and polytechnics to take their prideful place as the provider of high level employment to all those who are willing to work. Most importantly JMPP shall establish the less educated and less privileged Nigeria not limited to Artisans, traders, Bricklayers, Tricycle operators, okada riders, plumbers, vulcanizers etc.


In view of the assurance, we have from the owner of the party. God Almighty the whole nation, Nigeria has been delivered to JMPP Sequel to the above, JMPP shall identify the hidden leadership potentials of Nigerian Youths who due to emphasis on many politics, the hitherto been unable to exercise their role given political prowess since independence. JMPP recognises that young people of countries are only major humanities for development but they are only key for the social change, economic development and technological innovation. JMPP shall work towards achieving the promotion at higher standard of living of employment and conditions of economic and social progress and youth integrated development model.
JMPP shall work to ensure that young people from all part of Nigeria living home and its Diaspora at different stages of development and in different socio-economic situations and enabled to attain their full aspirations to fully participate in the party’s constitution including full and equal participation. JMPP shall provide a level playing field for all women to the extent of their content and capabilities.


The Nigeria Education Sector has undergone so much policy volte facts that it can no longer support the aspirations or the desire to position the nation as the scientific, technological, cultural and spiritual development of the black race. Accordingly JMPP shall fast track Nigeria into a development nation through the education sector by ensuring the provision of appropriate infrastructure, content and teaching aids that will guarantee universal qualitative education targeted to the National development plans of skill acquisition and entrepreneurship for gainful employment.


The Nigeria Public Health System has almost collapsed. In fact public hospitals are no longer consulting clinics but have degraded to places to go and die. JMPP Government shall focus on revitalizing the primary health centres through provisions of basic infrastructure, equipment, consumables and trained, dedicated and godly personnel. Health tertiary institution shall be made centres of excellence for the development of specialities.


The ration of energy construction to the population of any nation provides a litmus test of its level of development. Nigeria with an average level of 3,000 to 5,000 WM Per 20 million people is one of the JMPP Governments shall ensure that government gets value for her investments through international Agreements and in organizations and ensure reciprocity in diplomatic policies.


The Agricultural Sector in Nigeria is undoubtedly the highest employer of labour, employing about 70% of the Nigerian labour force. The Sector has also suffered low output which has led to the massive importation of food items to feed the ever-increasing populace. A rapid implementation of viable solutions such as massive production of the cash crops and the promotion of cooperative societies under JMPP Government shall ensure a turn-around of the sector. JMPP Government shall engage in aggressive farming strategy to stop import but rather export farm produce not only to African brother countries but also to the industrialized nations.


To substantiate JMPP’s Manifesto and Constitutional Application in governance of 3 5 – 5 0 plus Manifesto/Constitution, JMPP shall note and apply National Gender Policy according to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
JMPP will ensure rigors of compliance the success of the Policy Implementation in agreement with Nigeria signatory at the United Nations, Commonwealth, African Union, ECOWAS and other International Treaties and Protocols, JMPP shall adopt the National Gender Policy as approved by the Federal Republic of Nigeria for implementation through The Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development as to both Women and Youths.
These are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially for JMPP concerning Goal 16 about – National Gender Policy (Federal Ministry of Women’s Affairs and social Development 2014):

1- Agriculture, Water Resources and Rural Development
2- Poverty Eradication & Economic Empowerment
3 -Employment & Labour
4- Health and Reproductive Health Services
5- Gender & HIV/AIDS
6- Political Participation and Decision making process.
7- Security, Peace, Conflict Prevention and Management.
8- Information, Communication and Technology
9- Trade, Commerce and Industry
10- Physical and Social Services (Energy, Transportation Housing….)
11- Legal and Human Rights Issues
12- International Partnership for Development
13- Culture, Family and Socialization
14- Gender Based Violence.


Under the JMPP administration, Nigeria will be repositioned to ensure effective delivery of the Foreign Policy that must impact more directly on welfare of Nigerians. As Nigeria integrates deeper into the globalizing world, JMPP has correctly identified that every aspect of the well-being of Nigeria has a Foreign Policy component.

JMPP shall have the economic and social well-being of the Nigerian citizen at the centre of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy at the Sub-Regional, Regional and Global levels. Emphasis would be placed on Economic Diplomacy, that would encourages partnerships between relevant Ministries, Agencies and Departments (MDAs) and other partners in order to attract Foreign Direct Investment FDI, acquisition of modern skills and technology for the realization of the core objectives of the Party, especially, the construction of infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, the power and energy sectors.

1- Promotion of fundamental Human Rights as enshrined in the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria.
2- Encouragement of sensitivity in governance of the Country by all in position of authority.
3- Freedom of Expression, Worship, Association and Assembly.
4- 4 Promote of Multi-Party Democracy that guarantees the right of every Individual and Groups to organize themselves into Political Parties.


1- To provide free, challenging, safe and secure environment for all citizens through the instrumentality of improved Social Welfare Schemes and Community Policing.

2- To provide decent accommodation and a living wage for the Police, Military and other Security Personnel as part of the Fight Against Corruption.

3- To build the capacity of the Security and Intelligence Community to maintain Peace and Tranquility across the Country.

4- To give a pride of place to our Traditional Institution as veritable tools for Peace Building at the Community level.


Through the Twelve (12) pillars of Oath of Righteousness that hold the peace and destiny of Nigeria. Every leader in public and civil service including government contractors shall vow not to defraud the nation again.
JMPP believes that Nigeria has deviated from the purpose for which he was founded. She has deviated through monumental corruption, which have eaten deep into e very fabric and facet of her Institutional and Social Structures, failed comprehensively and woefully. In today’s Nigeria there is no justice, no fairness, no equity and our Country is therefore threatened with collapse and disintegration. JMPP accepts that Nigeria has failed, and has no basis for continued existence, except as a changed Country. Corruption must be terminated from our land. There must be institutionalized restoration for zero tolerance for corruption and strict compliance to the appropriate Oaths of Office in this Country. To re-make Nigeria is a task that we must accept and do. JMPP logically believes in restructuring of the country to go back to that structure of Nigeria agreed by our heroes past – a structure that shall be truly federal with fiscal federalism; that must answer to the yearnings of the citizens for justice for all in all aspects of governance and development; and, that would ensure the restoration of peaceful coexistence and national unity.


The Revolution begins with us. Enough is enough, forget the past and move on with the new deal
Nigeria deserves a better deal and only JMPP, the revealed party can bring this to bear. No alternative vote .JMPP is the solution to Nigerian problems.
JMPP shall re-create a Nigerian Nation where all citizens have and can claim a sense of belonging. A Nigeria whose citizens can identify with constitutional provisions that aligns closely to their practical experiences. A Nigeria in which fortunes are controlled and held by her citizens who in turn enjoy unlimited opportunities to aspire personally and collectively without being limited.
A Nigeria where peaceful co-existence across both tribal and religious divides and mutual respect becomes the order of the day.

A Nigeria where every citizen becomes his and her neighbour’s keeper, in the fear of God for goodwill and love for fellow citizens.
To this end, the Justice Must Prevail Party, JMPP shall democratically evolve Policies, Programs and Projects in compliance with the provisions of the Country’s Constitution to ensure the rapid growth and development of the National wealth and its judicious distribution to ensure the common good of all. JMPP’s goal is to promote the common good by popular participation, banish poverty, illiteracy, joblessness and, while protecting the environment, ensure the rapid industrialization of Nigeria and the happiness of all citizens.