Hon, Abdulrazak Namdas

The spokesman of the Nigerian House Representatives, Hon. Abdulrazak Namdas (APC-Adamawa) informed the public at a news briefing on Thursday in Abuja that the Tuesday protest by the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN) was not a revolt against leadership of the Assembly.

According to him, “People should be aware clearly, that the protest by the members of staff of the National Assembly is strictly not against the leadership of the National Assembly, that I want you to know.

“The National Assembly is structured in a way that the Senate controls their own funds, the House of Reps controls theirs, members of management control their own funds and it is headed by the CNA (Clark of the National Assembly).

“Not even the Senate President or the Speaker of the House has access to the management funds.’’

He said that part of the grievances of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN), was for the Assembly to consider a new condition of service for its members.

He said the association was also agitating for promotion and payment of 28 per cent increment in members’ salary captured in the 2018 budget but yet to be released.

The legislator said that the Chairman, House Committee on Public Service Matters had laid the report on the matter on the floor of the green chambers.

He hinted that the Minister of Finance had been summoned  to appear before the house  to give explanations as to why the funds had not been released.

The legislator said that the green chamber was in support of the opinion that the management should have a new condition of service for NASS workers.

According to him, when that is done, it will attract the best brains to the institution to support the legislators function effectively.

The spokesman urged the aggrieved members of staff to understand the condition and situation of the assembly, so that all parties would continue to work amicably and promised that the house would continue to protect the interest of members of staff of the National Assembly.

“We are assuring members of staff here that we will continue to keep their interest a float”, he pledged.

Namdas pointed out that though it was unlawful for the workers to prevent lawmakers from sitting under any circumstance, but assured that the house would not press charges.