Tye Tribbett and wife

Gospel singer ”Same God” front liner and preacher Tye Tribbett today celebrates 21 years anniversary with his wife Shante Tribbett.

The singer mentioned some struggles they had to go through even though they are still standing as a couple. Read his post…

Tye Tribett

Today we turn 21!! our marriage is officially #GROWN. I honestly don’t know what we have NOT gone through….but I am so happy we GOT through! Marriage is not always fun and easy…sometimes the one you love most disappoints you, sometimes you make selfish decisions that can hurt the other, sometimes the one that makes you laugh hard makes you cry hard too. But marriage is about getting through it and making it through it #together. Today I am happy to say that we have made it to 21 years married! You are my reason, my motivation, my inspiration, my help, my voice of wisdom, my love, my friend, my baby momma, my rock rock rock rock rock rock….. my strength, my partner, co-producer, my co-pastor, my rib, my safe place, my one flesh! I live to keep a smile on your face…I have DEFINITELY failed at that many times…but I am so happy that through the ups n downs …ins n outs….we made it through! …so here is to 21 years of marriage… @pinchasalt I wanna thank you for your love and grace towards me, and for standing by me all these years… it’s been a joy to witness the woman you’ve become and are yet becoming. By this I know that God has truly favored me….for He gave me you … I love you my #Telah. #HappyAnniversary #21yrs #Dec6 #weGROWNgrown #theTribbetts (random photo shoot while officiating our first @live_orlando wedding ) #nobodyBUTGOD\