Adedejiart and the Keke with TV, Free sweets

Adekunle Dada

Nigerians have ways of creating something beautiful out of the ordinary and that’s exactly what a Keke Napep driver in Lagos did.

A Nigerian guy who boarded the Keke Napep in Surulere area of Lagos took to twitter to share the level of packaging he experienced during the ride.

The twitter user, @adedejiart said there was a Tablet which serve as a television set and a container of free sweets for passengers to enjoy as they journey to their destination.

He also mentioned that there was no dull moment as they were entertained to Burnaboy’s “Heaven Gate” video. He concluded that packaging has nothing to do with the amount of money involved.

He tweeted: This guy’s Keke I just entered in Surulere now has a Tablet as TV and a container he keeps free sweets for passengers, 😂😂🙌
And we’re even jamming @burnaboy ‘s “Heaven Gate” video.

Packaging is packaging low budget or high 😂