Olajumoke Orisaguna

Ace comedian Ali Baba writes about opportunities and how people should go out and take advantage of it instead of waiting to be spoon fed.

Ali Baba used model and vlogger Olajumoke Orisaguna as an example, she came into limelight when she walked into a photo shoot while hawking bread.

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She was not waiting for opportunities. She walked into it. Her colleague who was selling bread in the bible, was also on the move when the disciples saw him and brought him to Jesus, to fed the multitude. David did not kill Goliath at home. He was rendering service and found the opportunity that beckoned. Just as he was playing the harp when a soldier saw him and recommended his service to a king. The woman with the issue of blood didnt sit in self pity. She made a move and grabbed her salvation. Ruth was a widow, with a justifiable reason to be indoors. But she WENT OUT, SHE LISTENED TO SUPERIOR ADVICE, SHE MADE A MOVE. All the disciples Christ called were gainfully employed. They were called while at work. Even he, the Son of God, was a carpenter while waiting to face his ministry. Start doing something while praying for a big break. Instead of sitting there and tapping into other people’s breakthrough stories. BE PREPARED is not just a #BoysScout motto, it’s true to all of life.