Blac Chyna

Coming after American model and entrepreneur Angela Renée White professionally known as Blac Chyna disclosed she will be coming to Lagos, Nigeria on Sunday Nov 25th 2018 to sell her skin whitening cream, Nigerians have reacted over this.

30 year old Chyna will be collaborating with Whitenicious, founded by Cameroonian singer, Dencia. The cream will be retailing at N100,000 per jar and the location of sales is in Allen Avenue. As revealed on her Instagram page. The mom of two, striper and model wrote:

Lagos Nigeria, join me at the first official launch of my face cream this Sunday November 25th at the Whitenicious store from 1-5PM. Everyone is invited. @whitenicious

Blac Chyna

Bobrisky, the bleaching cream expert is reportedly a guest appearance during the event.

See some reactions…

@SheTroubleETP – #BlacChyna out here doing the devils work. Ban her.

@TeamSymbiote – I dislike skin lightening products. It’s her choice if she wants to be Beige Chyna, but I wish she wouldn’t use her fame to promote things like that.

@dorky_dorcas – She gonna lie to Nigerians that they can be as light as her when she has more European blood than all of the Nigerians living in Nigeria their whole lives.

@tha_outsideR – How is your name “blac” chyna , but you’re promoting a bleaching cream called whitenicious

@DapsDraws – 🤔 I’m just over here wondering if she’ll also be dropping the “Blac” from her name now…because…

@ShamelessTyla – A naturally light skin women selling false dreams to a country that that already heavily struggles with colorism … absolutely disgusting. Blac Chyna partnering up with Africa’s bleaching king and queen to create a new face bleaching cream is beyond problematic. It’s really rubbing me the wrong way, ain’t no way in hell she would do that in LA. Exploiting Nigeria’s colourism problem is disgusting.

Why such hate towards @BLACCHYNA latest business venture? Agree or not it’s a choice. I doubt the ingredients in that bejeweled jar rival the harm done by alcohol, cigarettes, tanning beds, etc, etc. Spread love, be kind & help someone in need.❤️ #BlacChyna

Women like #BlacChyna are the worse. She’s basically a prostitute who hit the jackpot when she met Rob dumb ass But what skills does she have? Why does a child need $20G’s a month for?

#BlacChyna endorsing a skin bleaching cream called ‘Whitenicious’ is just very sad. Women of every single ethnicity should feel comfortable in their own skin and be proud of who they are. Maybe she’s just doing this for the money and is laughing her way to the bank orrr

In other news:

Toke Makinwa launched ”Glow By TM” few months back and her products comprise a whitening body lotion which is a bleaching cream, why did Nigerians not tongue lash her? do they hate Blac Chyna or are people just hypocrites???

Glow by Tm