Getting into a relationship is quite easy but the real deal is making it work and sustaining it to a level of understanding and true friendship.

Assuming a partner is doing something or not is one of the major relationship killers we have as explained below by veteran comedian Alibaba:

“Kemi didn’t pick my call. She is in another relationship”
“John never bought me flowers since we started dating. He love me”. “He hasn’t replied my texts since 8am. He doesn’t care”. “She left me for another man. Because of money”. “The reason he left me is the other babe has bigger boobs”. “He doesn’t want to lend me the house rent, because he is stingy”. “I knew she was going to date him because he is loaded”. “He didn’t come for our party because he doesn’t like us”. “They got married because she was pregnant”. Hmmm. There must have been many times, if you want to be honest, that your gut feeling was wrong. How do you feel when you had jumped to a conclusion about something and found out that it was not any of the reasons you gave. What you THINK IS THE REASON, may not be. And to then ASSUME that your faulty thought is the REAL REASON, that something happened is the worst thing you can do to a relationship. Whether it’s a sexual relationship, business relationship or even a social type. Some months back a colleague approached me for a loan. I didn’t have. And I said so. Just before the colleague hung up, I heard “If you no wan give me just say you no wan give me. Which one is “I don’t have now, let’s see what will happen within the week”. Then days later, another asked me for assistance. I explained and explained. In fact I had to show my account balance… And when he actually started looking to see that there was no money in the accounts, it hit me. HE WAS CONVINCED I HAD. AND I DID NOT WANT TO GIVE HIM. Many people have killed off what would have been the best relationships they would ever have had because of assumptions. They believed their faulty assumptions. And many times, are too ashamed to own up to the wrong assumptions when the truth floors them. A lady forgot her phone in an Uber as she dashed into a bank. By the time the phone got to her, she had 4 texts from her friend. 1. Madam at least pick my call”. 2 “Instead of ignoring my calls just tell me u can’t help” 3. “If some1 told me u’ll do this to me, I wld have sworn u can’t.” 4. “This is the last time I will ever call u.” She looked at the texts and the 400k loan, went back in & banked it