Alex Ekubo

Jennifer Okundia

Nigerian actor, model and first runner up at the 2010 Mr Nigeria contest Alex Ekubo has gotten the most shocking mail he could ever have imagined.

The 32 year old who won Best Actor in a Supporting Role award at the 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards for his role in the Weekend Getaway received a mail from someone he kept anonymous to help fund his Australian admission with a whooping N7.5m.

Ekubo shared the gist on social media, urging God to bless him with the kind of money people think he has. Read the exchange here…

Father Lord you that parted the Red sea, & led the Israelites out of danger, pls give me this money pple think i have… the Heart is willing but the bank akant is weak. 😞 See this bros is asking small me to sponsor him to study “in the abroad” a whooooooole Australia, kai bros u get mind, you no even talk Unilag or Lasu or even our backyard Cotonou, there is even no direct flight to Australia from Nigeria, & you’re asking me to raise 7.5 MILLION NAIRA 😱😱😱 Dear Nigerians pls if you are begging for help pls beg with conscience & fear of God, both my younger ones are studying in Nigeria here, me that studied in UniCal i’m not mad, & i did not die.

Sincerely yours, Potential Sponsor. 😞

The email comes after the Abia native posted the cover photo of this story and wrote the long caption below, stating how much God has blessed him with wealth and physical looks, so it makes us wonder why Alex is running from this responsibility after claiming to be rich.

Just look at this delicious plate of hot spicy chicken wings, IKUKU the Breeze of Nollywood, cool calm & collected promising young man, Alexx you are talented, you are special, you are gifted, you are loved, you are an amazing human being, you are ridiculously good looking, you are irresistibly attractive, you are God fearing, you are Rich, you are tall, you are a good friend, you are a great lover, you would make a great husband & a fantastic Father, you are destined for greatness, you are funny, you are sweet, you are a whazzup guy, you sabi body, you too gbaski, na Man you be! Alexx continue in the direction you are, soon they would spell your name & surname correctly in Lakotah, Transnistria, Barotseland, Chinland, Abkhazia (i’m sure you didnt know these countries exist in the world, you’re welcome😉) Dear Alexx, thank you for being ME. 🌹