Stella Damasus

Recognition by God matters more than the one humans give to themselves, if a person doesn’t get an award for what they have done, they should rather be on top their game and look to God for validation.

This is the message Nollywood actress Stella Damasus is sharing on social media today:

Earthly recognition is rarely given fairly. Some receive recognition they do not deserve, and others who deserve recognition never get it. Furthermore, earthly recognition is fickle; the winds of fame can shift suddenly. God’s recognition, by comparison, lasts through eternity, is fairly distributed, and will always be there. What a difference it makes when we understand that people’s rewards and recognition are not the only things we need. I am not saying being recognized and appreciated is a bad thing, but you cannot depend on that for your validation in life. You will always be a slave to people if that is all you aim for. If no one gives you an award or a seat at the table, buy your own table and know that the lord has approved you. #stelladamasus #nyc #actor