Climate Change

The World Cement Association (WCA) on Monday releases an Action Plan for delivering its contribution to the objectives of the Paris Agreement to keep the global temperature rise well below two degrees.

The association in its action plan outlines measures to help WCA members develop climate protection strategies and best practice.

Mr Zhi Pingsong, the WCA President, said full details of the plan would be presented in London at the WCA conference on Dec. 5.

“Together with all our members, we step forward to lead the cement industry towards low-carbon production and a carbon-neutral built environment.

“We aim to provide a framework that will enable all cement companies, including smaller ones and those in developing markets, to embrace best practice by granting them access to shared knowledge and support,’’ Pingsong said.

The plan focuses on five key areas, identified during the WCA Global Climate Change Forum, held in Paris earlier this year.

One of the core elements of the Action Plan is improving transparency around greenhouse gas emissions reporting by developing new methodologies and tools for members to monitor and report their CO2 emissions.

This will enable them to effectively assess the carbon footprint of their products and participate in the “Getting the Numbers Right” global database of CO2 and energy information.

“Within the next two years, the WCA will develop a tailored monitoring and reporting protocol and deliver required training.

“As a global organisation, we believe that reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tackling climate change effectively requires a joint effort.

“With a membership base representing more than one billion tons of annual cement production capacity, the WCA and its members have the capacity to affect change in pursuing the necessary transition to a low carbon economy at the global level,’’ Bernard Mathieu, Director of the WCA Climate Programme, said.