One of the best hair sellers on social media Mizwanneka, has lamented how she was severely defrauded by some ladies who sent her fake payments, requesting for hair and she fell victim.

The mum of 3 revealed some of the names of the women today on her page. She wrote:

So lemme tell you all a lil story today ,
So this chidera onuoha sent us fake payment details and kept on disturbing and commenting on our page for her hair , because of the pressure and rush , in my absence , my staff sent her a package of 160k knowing well she didn’t pay for the hair , she took delivery , wen she was confronted, she begged us and said she was going to send it , up until today , she hasn’t , next thing , she blocks us and that’s it .
Her friend ebri bassey came and did same thing and up until now , nothing (plz note , we never knew they know each other until now as they both have same delivery address ) and sometimes , wen the complaints on comment section is too much , we tend to just settle people as they are sooo much .
Jummie Barry also knew very well she Didn’t actually pay , and she kept pressuring us and writing different nasty things on our page , we actually did send out her hair waiting to confirm her payment , thank God almighty , we found out before Dhl got to her 600k worth ) and we called back the package and she called and started asking y we did , and we told her . Knowing she actually didn’t pay , she hasn’t still gotten back .
Someone kept writing on my page that she paid for 500k package , I sent her a dm and I was sorting it out , because I didn’t want issues , I even asked my people to send her 500k package , pending wen we confirm the payment , just to be called almost immediately that the payment didn’t come tru , I confronted her and she apologized and asked if I could give her the hair to pay later 😡
A lot of them have done this , some we found out on time , some we didn’t at all and they went free but trust me , I serve a living God . He will fight my battle .
Hence even 2 months or 3 months after payment , if we cannot confirm ur payment from the statement , forget it . We won’t send out .
Write biology text book in my comment section , I won’t send out . We get statement sent everyday , so if u actually paid , we will find it . To those still expecting wigs since June , we haven’t seen most payment . Our mumu don end . If you are guilty of this , you are a thief and u will never grow in business.