Gavin Williamson, Britain’s Defence Secretary

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson promised Britain’s continued support for Afghan security forces a statement from the National Security Advisor’s Office said on Friday.

Williamson made the promise in a meeting with Afghanistan’s newly-appointed national security advisor, Hamdullah Mohib in the capital Kabul, according to the statement.

The British minister was quoted by the statement as saying that until his country can ensure security on the streets of Afghanistan, people won’t feel security back in Britain.

Mohib said Afghanistan would seize any opportunity to improve security in the country, so that future generations could be spared the current bloodshed, as the country battles a Taliban insurgency and the rising threat of Islamic State terrorism.

Britain has agreed to send an additional 440 soldiers to Afghanistan to train security forces.

Half are set to arrive in August and the remainder in February 2019, according to British media reports.

With the additional troops, the overall number of Britain’s boots on the ground in Afghanistan will rise to around 1,100.