Laura Ikeji and her girls

Jennifer Okundia

In the competitive market, not many business people joke with their money as they all want to make profit instead of losses.

Laura Ikeji Kanu who is one of the few successful business enthusiast in Nigeria realizes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and that her staff determine the growth or downfall of her business, so she took time out with her girls, working in her clothing store for half a day.

This should be a lifestyle example for other business owners, to maintain a cordial relationship with their workers who are usually a formidable force that cannot be ignored Check out her pictures and caption here…

Laura Ikeji and staff

So I went to the gang and asked my girls (staff) to close work and come hang out with me . So if u pass by the gang we’re close for today. Today is fun day. See y’all tomorrow @lauraikejigang

Laura Ikeji Kanu