Aderemi Kuku

Gbenro Adesina/Ibadan

Former President of African Academy of Science, Professor Aderemi Kuku has stated that the quality of research output from Africa is poor.

Kuku, who spoke at the 75th Interdisciplinary Discourse of the Postgraduate school, University of Ibadan, UI, on “Higher Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology for Development also lamented the dismal ranking of Nigerian universities.

Calling for more investment in science and technology from the Nigerian government, he challenged the authority of UI to step up its game in international scholarship as he noted that many Nigerian professors could not lay claim to the title in international scholarship.

The don, who wanted the Nigerian government to demonstrate political will for radical increase in funding for mathematics, science and technology, urged the federal government to stop “brain brain in Mathematics, Science and Technology as well as strengthening the centers of academic excellence in Nigeria to fast-track its development.

As a result of inviability of many Nigerian universities, Kuku called for stricter measures in granting operating licenses to universities.

Earlier, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Idowu Olayinka said early counseling of pupils from secondary schools should be encouraged so that proper career guidance could be tailored towards becoming great scholar in Mathematics.

Olayinka noted that the authority of UI was trying its best to ensure that the university got improved ranking for global competitiveness.

According to him, “We should not deceive ourselves. The quality of our research in Africa is very poor. I have seen this for mathematics. I was president, African Academic of Science for four years. I know what international scholarship is and I know I am able to recognize those who have it. We still have a long way to go. Like in Nigeria, many people answer professors but they cannot say they are professors outside Murtala Muhammad airport because they have not done anything. These are the areas we have to look at and be sincere to ourselves. I have seen Nigeria science and technology policy ; it is excellent on paper but like many institutions we have, if you put a leader that is not capable to attract anybody to implement it, that is the problem. Our government should demonstrate political will for radical increase in funding for mathematics, science and technology. We have said this many times”.