Bisola Aiyeola

Season 2 BBNaija ist runner up Bisola Aiyeola says a lot of people thinks she has her whole life figured out but forgets that she’s human and makes mistakes.

The mom of one wrote the message on Instagram today, to encourage people. Read below:

A lot of people think I have my whole life figured out lol, if only they know that I still make mistakes.
What I have figured out about MY LIFE though, is that Planning, action, Patience,Happiness and a general positive outlook on life, Helps cushion the blows that come from disappointment.
SO yeah it’s ok to make mistakes but always learn from them.
If Things don’t go as you have planned today don’t forget that there’s always tomorrow and we all learn on this Journey of LIFE.

I hope this inspires someone who is at a low point right now and I pray we all have good health and soundness of mind and body to push further. AMEN.