Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky has written out his latest rules for anyone trying to take pictures of him in public places for their benefit.

Read what he wrote:

So sad a lot of Nigerians are still jobless nowadays. I went for an event yesterday and I saw how bloggers are trying to take a bad picture of me just to post to call for attention on their page. I see y many of dis important personality go out with police men or body build bouncers. If they kick out phones and cameras from people trying to bring u down Nigerian will say dey are bad. Don’t get me wrong their still loyal fans but the useless ones will never give them chance. Now my new rule. Any event I’m attending now I will make sure I arrange for two gun men and two ugly beast bouncers. Any idiot trying to play smart games he/she should say bye to his phone.let make trouble and see who get mouth.