Idris Aregbe

As part of effort toward forging a safe environment and facilitating frameworks to shore up Nigerian democracy, an office of young people in Lagos State, Youth Organizing Office, in collaboration with ‘Our Lagos Your Lagos’ initiative, has announced that it would be holding music concert during coming weekend, alongside sequence of events designed to encourage, mobilize active youth participation in the Nigerian politics.

It said that there was need to create a conscious political alertness among the youths, foster peaceful relations and grow businesses through innovative ideas, since importance of youths in every society cannot be overstated.

Specifically, the ingenious events, slated on 11th and 12th of August 2018, would commentate International Youth Day, with plans to thrill youths to a Music and Message Concert with the theme: “Safe ‘n’ Save Spaces For The Youths,” in Lagos.

According to the office, the theme of 2018 year’s event is an unfeigned strategy aimed at impelling the youths to participate in matters affecting the country’s political space and to also create a continuous platform to Engage, Redrive, and empower ourselves.

The Secretary, Lagos Youth Organizing, Idris Aregbe, said that International Youth Day was a day set aside by the United Nations to raise awareness and draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding the youths and that his office hope to raise the consciousness of the youths to the many benefits of political participation in modern day democracy and its critical role in abating crime in the Nigerian society.

Through a statement issued on Sunday by the office, Aregbe indicated that youths were the powerhouse of every society hence, the present day government must continuously improve on the ongoing programmes directed at creating bracing environment that will accommodate and encourage youth participation in governance.

He explained that the concert was carved out to create safe spaces that will inspire the youths in forging career paths in politics, as a tool for building good governance and sustaining growth in our cherished country, Nigeria.

He added that the events will serve as a vehicle to enlighten the youths on fresh perspectives in choosing the right career paths, birth innovative business ideas through mentorship programmes to groom young business talents, raise ambassadors that will sprout empowerment programmes in the state and foster impeccable brands of business connections to spark growth and drive the economy.

According to him, the concert guarantees an eventful occasion with creatively infused music and message programme focused on changing the existing narratives of Lagos’ youths.

“The message is about creating safe spaces for the youth and securing offices and appointments to exploit young innate potentials; promote self-reliance through empowerment programmes; and Identify and supporting young industry starters.

“DThe office aim is also to assist talents to reach their peak, encourage peaceful relations to shun violence and ensure social transformation and inclusion of the youths into the political system.

We are also keen on creating networks to integrate ideas and engage productive discussions”, he disclosed.

Besides, Aregbe also informed that the office would also be commissioning a center, Ambode Connect Youth Center,’ a non-profit oriented youth initiative, whose primarily focused would be on expanding spaces and opportunities to help youths unlock their inherent abilities through a collection of leadership programmes.

He hinted thy the youth center was established to connect, engage, integrate and build relationships and tailor services for young people to positively change their lives. Through ‘Ambode Connect Youth Center.

“We will drive the clarion call for political participation via the provision of necessary arsenal, which include consistency, creativity, transparency, and cooperation”.

“The center is richly equipped with superfast Internet service and recreational facilities to support sporting activities in the state, as we hope to unite the youths and foster peaceful relations for the good of the entire state.

“Office of the Youth Organising Secretary of Lagos State is committed to supporting youthful initiatives aimed at empowering and providing support for Lagos State youths – with a ripple effect across the country.

“The future of our nation lies in the collective efforts of today’s actions”, he added .