Soyinka to Obasanjo: You’re unfit to lead a mission to rescue Nigeria

Soyinka and Obasanjo
Soyinka and Obasanjo

Kazeem Ugbodaga

Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka has hit out at former President Olusegun Obasanjo again, saying that he is unfit to lead a mission to rescue Nigeria and restore the nation to sanity in view of the various atrocities he committed during his reign as the number one citizen of the nation.

Soyinka, in his Interventions VIII series, titled: “Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? (Who keeps Watch over the Watchmen?), Gani’s Unfinished Business,” said he had only one demand from Obasanjo, which was for him to keep away from movements struggling to restore this nation to the path of sanity and even moderate rectitude.

Soyinka’s Intervention VIII was supposed to have been launched last Tuesday at the Freedom Park on Lagos Island, but he postponed the book launch as a result of the massive herdsmen killings in Jos and the Lagos tanker explosion.

He lamented that numerous atrocities occurred during Obasanjo’s reign as president that should shut him out of the scene permanently, but noted that in the former president’s style of hypocrisy, he was trying to undertake a mission he was never qualified as even worst things happened under his nose as watchman that were ignored.

Soyinka lamented that Obasanjo presided over the reign of terror the late Lamidi Adedibu unleashed in Oyo State when he single-handedly impeached the then Governor, Rashidi Ladoja and sacked the State House of Assembly, adding that Obasanjo also supervised the sacking of Dr. Chris Ngige as Anambra State Governor through, Andy Uba.

“Presiding over his bedlam, openly, without even the slightest concern both for probity and dignity of office, is the same man who now wishes to lead a national mission. Be assured, however, that an increasing number of discerning minds who owe you nothing, not even fear, who expect nothing from you, some of whom have even written off what you owe them, have fully taken your measure.

“That I have taken the trouble to address you frontally from time to time in this piece is simply because I know that deep inside, there is a soakaway pond of personal insecurity struggling to be drained. Beneath every bully, there is scared product of insecurity and troubled conscience. Now, fight your own demons as best as you can, and feel free to flagellate Buhari with all the weapons in your armoury. I have only one demand: keep away from movements struggling to restore this nation to the path of sanity and even moderate rectitude. End this hijacking propensity. You are objectively unfitted for the role, so, get thee to a monastery,” he said.

Soyinka said even when the leadership of the PDP cut the wing of Adedibu to size, it was Obasanjo who emboldened him to be more brutal by rehabilitating him and re-provisioned his spent garrison resources, most of which had been acquired under Abacha, his personal tormentor.

“The inevitable happened. Adedibu grew increasingly and confidently brutal. It was only a matter of time before he would stage what was perhaps the first civilian coup in Nigeria’s history,” he lamented.

On power, Soyinka said “I dared Obasanjo to meet me one-on-one on any podium to present the facts of that stewardship to the Nigerian people. Just how did you, in eight years, rise to the challenge of power generation for a population of a hundred and fifty million people, endowed with enormous energy reserves-petroleum-one that even earned the nation the chairmanship of OPEC for so many years?.”

On energy, the Nobel laureate said sex-for-grades as a solution to that burdensome energy seemed to have become the practice, saying that even when Donald Trump and Bill Clinton were accused of sexual misconduct, no one ever accused Trump of using his nation’s assets for a romp on the presidential desk of the oval office and that not even Clinton who nearly lost his office through Monica Lewinsky, was ever accused of passing off any of the White House heirlooms, or influenced contracts in return for sexual favour.

“I now challenge you (Obasanjo) to search your soul, very deeply, and swear to this nation that you never awarded oil blocks in return for sexual gratification. I do not make accusations lightly and I despise snide insinuations. I believe you know me well enough. And I am no prude, I am not a hypocrite of sexual desire, nor am I interested in the seamy side of Power. Take your time, think deeply and remember that each day brings you closer and closer to your Maker and the Day of Judgment-going by your own professions,’ Soyinka stated.

Soyinka added: “Your contributions to democracy and the culture of law and order are, predictably of a remarkable and unique quality-they consist largely of the kidnapping of legislators, the sacking of Houses of Assembly, wasteful convocation of delegates for ‘constitutional amendment,’ and the subversion of whatever exists as constitution in the quest of for the elongation of personal tenure.”

The Nobel laureate also published three letters written to Obasanjo by Col. Abubakar Umar, and Orji Uzor Kalu, in which the writers came hard on Obasanjo for failing the nation in virtually every sector as well as awarding oil blocks illegally to friends and others.

In one of the letters, Soyinka quoted Umar as saying that “My President, I beseech you to return to the Lord God. It seems you have parted ways since your merciful release from prison. Today, while your flock is suffering on account of your bad leadership, you are busy attributing your misdeed to the good Lord. Those of us who are able to discern, know that you are mistaking the devil for the Lord. Sooner than later, He will fight back by disowning you. But before that happens, it is incumbent upon us as your loyal citizens to warn you to seek peace with God. May the good Lord deliver us.”

Soyinka also added that he considered himself permanently on the duty roster as long as dubious watchmen insisted on bamboozling a constituency that happened to be his, stressing that “the self-designated watchman has once again offered his service-self-conscripted-so, surely, any Nigerian who has not learnt to ask the question Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? is surely no possessor of one gram of Falana’s apportionment of the so called Nigerian intelligence…it raises the legitimate question: how did you, in your turn, rise to governance challenges?”

Soyinka further added that under Obasanjo’s watch, and with proven collaboration, an elected governor was kidnapped, locked in a toilet and held there under duress to force him to sign cheques on the state treasury, saying that “he escaped confinement, thanks to a sympathetic policeman, but the state went up in flames. The state radio and television houses were torched. The House of Assembly and the law courts-my own special preserve-were vandalized. Who did you say was President at that time?”

Adapting a popular Biblical book of Ezekiel, Soyinka said “Son of man, I have volunteered to be one of those watchmen over the watchers and my credentials are fully set down in the foregoing. I have listened to the voice of Ogun who has become increasingly impatient with so much that is going wrong. He has handed me his machete and given marching orders, saying, Son of Ogun, take this machete and cut through the brambles of lies, hypocrisy, double-talk and pontifications and insincere sententiousness. Cut off the tongues of liars so that your people can know some peace.”

Soyinka said the various Obasanjo’s antics were late Chief Gani Fawehinmi’s unfinished business, saying that Gani fought the former president, including instituting a suit, along with Femi Falana, SAN on the infamous Presidential Library which was built while Obasanjo was still in power.

According to Soyinka, “invoking the same divine principle, I feel that I am recipient ancestral summons, most notably from Gani Fawehinmi who of course remains the pre-eminent watch over power right from the time of Yakubu Gowon’s dictatorship, paying the price of prolonged incarceration under IBB, I believe that he calls upon us from his present abode to take his unfinished business closer to completion, each in his or her own corner of possible involvement, competence and commitment.”


  1. This is vintage Prof Soyinka. Also says a lot for the objectivity and level of civilization of the race he came from, not known for blindly defending evil because the perpetrator “is my kinsman”.
    However, Chief Obasanjo is not perfect and God can raise help from unexpected quarters to save Nigeria from corruption and deception.

  2. I really want to commend Professor Wole Soyinka for coming out to challenge Obj.
    Obj is a man without consence, in a civilized society, people like him hides their faces in shame.Here is somebody who ruled for eight solid yea and cannot fix our energy after spending about 16million dollars, he ought to be behind bars by now. A President whose Minister for Justice& Attorney General was murdered in cold blood, and could not do anything. Our problem is that we give all these self appointed leaders so much liberty,that was why many of them believe that without them Nigeria will not move forward, they have turn themselves to semi-god. Posterity will not forget and forgive them, because it is only when things are not going well with them or policies are working against them they will now come out that they are defending the poor masses, but when things hey are get booty of oil blocs, juice contracts like Manilla Energy Project they will not complain. Let them all know that their time is up, no amount of gang up can stop the will of God for this country.

    • That is your opinion of Obasanjo. If he’s unfit to lead, at least he’s fit to join others to rescue Nigeria.

  3. Obasanjo should bury his head in shame if truly he is a yoruba manot but I don’t think he will. Pride goes before destruction.

  4. Obasanjo is the only problem Nigeria has.I want to commend prof Wole Soyinka,s fearless write-up .Going by prof Wole Soyinka,s antecedents,the whole world will agree with me that he is a man of integrity,fearless,honest with no blemish what so ever and single handedly made the Nigeria political scene uneasy for the military juntas including Obasanjo. He challenged Obasanjo to face him face to face on any podium if he is confident to account for his stewardship while in power. Let,s face it ,the Prof was giving a vivid account of what Obasanjo was while in power.Nigerians had it on authority that Obasanjo had only #20,000in his account on his release from prison,then where did he suddenly become a millionaire.?The answer is for another day like Femi Falana said.The questions now are ,,what did Obasanjo do to salvage the Nigeria power challenges while in power ?.Is Obasanjo the only past Nigeria Head of government?How does he think he is the only Nigeria past head of government that is having solution to Nigeria political problems?Obasanjo to me has lost every credibility to judge or to condemn President Buhari,s government.I don’t understand why some few Nigerians think Obasanjo is still relevant in Nigeria political landscape. They would go to him anything anybody want to run for an office as if he owns Nigeria Obasanjo enjoys it though like his daughter attested to,he likes to be worshipped like the God of iron . A former president who suddenly became a letter writer.He wrote a very offensive letter to Abacha before he was nicked and caged.He wrote same to Jonathan condemning his style of administration to the extend of telling the whole world that if Jonathan were to have been re-elected,that could have been the end of Nigeria because Nigeria could have been stolen from the world map only because Jonathan refused to dance to the tune of his music.It is the same Obasanjo who went to Otuoke to wine and dine with Jonathan He returned to his vomit. Where is his honour and integrity? Somebody who openly said he was no more interested in politics now again appeared
    At PDP rally,Where is his integrity?He started again with his demonic game ,wrote another letter to President Buhari condemning his administration,because he discovered that PMB is not the kind of President of Nigeria Obasanjo can just push around.At the wee hours of PMB,s administration,Obasanjo at least would visit Aso Villa once a week but When he discovered that PMB was not ready to play balls with him,he started his usual antics of blackmailing. He started to gangup with people he ordinarily knows they are not political bed fellows like Atiku and let heaven falls baba revenge will not ever support Atiku for his ambitionand honestly came back to PDP to stop Atiku,s ambition. He was forming
    Alliance against PMB.He started to travel from one town to the another begging people to join hands with him to oust PMB.He even shamelessly went to the so called Afeniferes. The afeniferes he didn’t want to hear anything about them while in power.Has he forgotten the Yoruba proverb which says ILE GBI GBE NI OLOTE NGBE Let,s see where their gang up will take them to .The whole scenario later came to public opium that because PMB blocked all areas where Nigeria wealths are being siphoned, oil licences withdrawn,all federal government properties retrieved from thieves,and these hit very hard on the economy of the thieves there comes the reaction from different quarters attacking PMB,s administration. Despite all the anti-government actions Obasanjo is busy doing, PMB as a cool headed man did not react even instructed his aides to turn their hears away from Obasanjo,s bullshit.Imagine Obasanjo crying woff that PMB wanted to cage him,A retired general crying baselessly Yes he is supposed to be nicked because what
    Obasanjo did amount to treason Could Obasanjo have allowed what he is doing now to PMB from anybody during his tenure?.Obasanjo doesn’t have any reputation,no integrity,no honour no qualifications to present to solve Nigeria Problems When People of the likes of Prof Wole Soyinka,Femi Falana,,Abubarka Umar ,Fests keyamo talks on Nigeria political happenings I want to listen.The icons like chief Gani Fawehinmi,Chief Bola Ige,Tail Sholarin,Fela Anikulapo-kuti Dr Bala Usuman all of blessed memory. They were people of integrities They were fearless fighters, when they talked you really wanted to listen.Obasanjo should shut up his mouth sine dine.

    • Nice response Lanre! Nigerians need to tell this old hag called Obasanjo to shut up of he doesn’t want to return all that he has stolen! He also need to tell Nigerians how Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija acquired the Epe land that made her a BILLIONAIRE. The late grandmother of Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija fronted for Obasanjo when he was Head of State to acquire the Epe land. That deal backfired and Obasanjo was kicked out of the deal! That is WHY Obasanjo filed two (2) lawsuits against the oil company of Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija when he was civilians President and lost both lawsuits! Shameless old hag!

  5. I was shocked when I read the details of how Obasanjo sacked Audu Ogbe from his office as the then PDP national chairman.
    Very crude. Not even an elementary school head boy could have been removed in such an unceremonial way in a democratic society. It is also baffling that the other members of the party’s national execo didn’t protest against Obasanjo’s impunity and high-handedness.

  6. Omooba or Amoeba. you’re damned for using the word ‘stupid’ for our sage.You’re heading for perdition, Greet the devil there.

  7. I agreed with soyinka because the same obasanjo has been giving the opportunity two times as a military and civilian but he failed,

  8. Wow! Prof. Soyinka,has always been a voice in the wilderness warning Nigerians for ever. I pray that God will give Nigeria a conscientious leader like Soyinka in 2019. May God continue to bless Nigeria and America!

  9. i dont think soyinka too is fit,what did he want obasanjo to do when the state assemlies of the mention states decided to impeach a governor for misconduct he want him to use the back door to stop them?i think soyinka needs to barbe his hair to he can think straight.that is how he sold buhari to us tru amechi.stupid professor.

  10. But why is Obasanjo Shoyinka´s Probem?. I think our prof is working for this Killer Government in secrete Why is it that he has a strong words for Obasanjo but forget himself when it is about Killer Buhari. I think Shoyinka is not clean. I think there is Bribe Money on his head which Buhari konws about and Black mailing him secretly.

    • Why is Prof. Soyinka is coming out now to talk about Obasonju and rescuing Nigeria. Soyinka should lead the crusade to rescue Nigeria from herdsmen dominated government and leave Obasonju alone. Let us concern ourselves with 2019. It is the year that will decide Nigeria future.

    • My people perish for lack of knowledge. U only comment from ur ignorance about what u don’t know that’s why u could pitch ur tent with a frustrated Obasanjo that ought to have been stone to death in a sane society. Obj is a man that knows nothing than corruption. His entire life is embedded with corruption and am very sure that come 2019, he will be disgraced by God because PMB will emerge as Nigeria President till 2023.

  11. It is reassuring to see people of Soyinka’ status living up to their names and reputation at a time when they are needed most. Perhaps, the uniformed and voiceless masses will see the truth and learn that Obasanjo and his satanic movement are the Devils behind most of our misfortunes as a nation and unless we all get wise and join forces to rescue ourselves they will continue to block the force of progress for their own selfish interest.

    • If Soying thinks Obasanjo is unfit and he Soyinka is fit, let Soyinka take front of the fight to rescue Nigeria. Soyinka was at the award of recently held for late MKO Abiola. During the struggle for the actualisation of June 12, let Soyinka tell the whole world what was his contribution and what remakable contribution has he made to assist in fighting the ills in Nigeria apart from critisms on the pages of newspapers. Gani Fawehinmi of blessed memory was in Politics to correct the ills of Nigeria society. If Soyinka goes into politics he would get my votes million times.

    • In addition to the above, I am a Yoruba man, Yorubas are the major problems of Nigeria, Yorubas will continue opposing themselves because of their egocentric nature. A typical Yoruba man will belief that he’s the most intelligent person and other peoples are fools, they will never agree. This had been the case since the time of Akintola and Awolowo and will continue to be forever and ever. People are clamouring for restructure in Nigeria, If Nigeria is restructured it will be a blessing for the Igbos and Hausas it will turn out to be cause for Yorubas because of our egocentric behaviours. Awolowo was the best leader during his time but the egocentric behaviours of the Yorubas did not allow him to succeed.

    • It is pertinent to understand that everyone must not go into politics, but endeavor to participate in governance from their own sphere as Soyinka have always done.
      I am convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that this explains my stand best; “…each in his or her own corner of possible involvement, competence and commitment.”

  12. Obasanjo is blind and confused, because of his evil attitude and ungratefulness. He thougth that it is only him was destiened to lead Nigerians. He don’t believe being an ex president. As Thirdterm ambition filed, he award a Lifeterm president to himself. By nominating Caretaker that he can criticise and remove any moment he likes.Thats how he takes the Country.

  13. I was sleeping at the age 12 one afternoon I saw a vision of me in a dark tunnel with smth in white following me like my shadow from outside the tunnel till I got to a shot golden gate then a voice came openly to me and said am the only one with the key to that gate when I look around for key I couldn’t find then I ask that I see what is inside it was opened for me I saw royalty in it original state untouched customised to me my name.
    Believer if you dnt stand up and claim you possession like am doing daily in power of his words the enemies of God’s kingdom will just seat on your blessing like buhari is sitting on the head of the entire Nigerian like we can do nothing about him.

    We have the power to unseat him if he doesn’t sit up in interest of the entire Nigeria.

    Imagine ordering us to give our lands or die.
    Infact that statement automatically restructured the country to state dominance over the activities of herdsmen in theirs states taking control over states affair from central power.

    Let us hear one more nonsense from him and his out of power for good.

    The states have taking charges of their States restructuring has already started.

    Just one more word and off Buhari goes.

    Udoye Adaobi Lilian,
    Divine Right Commission activist protecting believers in d blood of Jesus under Divine laws of Right n Wrong

    • Udoye, God is not the author of confusion. God set buhari on the throne to relay the foundation of a nation founded on lies and propaganda. The true forces of evil are the selfish and Godless politicians in nigeria backed by the religious wing of the looters called CAN, and PFN. Buhari is not the problem of nigeria, its the politicians sponsoring merceneries to disrupt the polity. Let God open your eyes to see those behind what is going on rather than being soulish. The sponsors are david mark, obasanjo, atiku, jang, danjuma, taraba governor, wike, jonathan, ibb. This is the truth. The blood of the innocents will haunt them and their children up to the 4th generation. God has allowed this to happen to expose the so called Godless church we have have. A church that cant see like elisha, who sees who sees and know the troublers of israel and their conversations.
      Hear this word, nomatter what they do or how much they spend, their coalition has failed and will continue to fail as they have come against almighty God and his anointed. They will die like herod as maggots will feed on their intestines and in sorrow they will live the rest of their days.
      All the story being fed by the fake men of god who feed from the table of looters will boomerang because nigeria belongs to God and no one can balkanise.muslims, christians, ibos , fulanis, yorubas are all Gods creation and christ died for all that all may come back him. Politicians are Godless and all they want is power, but only the sovereign God gives power. Obasanjo and his cohorts have been rejected by God almighty and he will soon be on his way to hell except he repents.

  14. Posterity will surely judge Obasanjo, for the many ills he caused this nation, and turning around to champion a hypocritical and self-preserving movement purporting to rescue Nigeria, God will surely bring him to judgment, it is matter of time.

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