Angry Obasanjo replies Buhari’s query on $16b power fund, says president incompetent

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former Nigerian president.

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo is angry and has taken up the gauntlet against President Muhammadu Buhari over his claim that he wasted $16 billion power funds during his eight years administration.

Apart from directing his spokesman Kehinde Akinyemi to issue a rebuttal on Buhari’s accusation, the former president also directed Mr Akin Osuntokun, Director of Strategic Communications of the Coalition for Nigeria Movement, which he founded, to clarify the issues for Nigerians to know the truth.

Obasanjo accused President Buhari of playing politics with statistics, saying the comments by the President has “once again” demonstrated his incompetence to govern the country.

“Is it not beneath the dignity of the exalted office he holds to join the chorus of beer parlour gossips?” he asked.

“How can a president who has all the information at his beck and call degenerate to this level?”

Obasanjo explained that the claim that his administration spent $16bn on power was the result of propaganda aimed at demarketing him.

Read part of what Obasanjo wrote to clarify the issues: “A presidential panel headed by the then VP Goodluck Jonathan set up by the Umaru Yar’Adua government put a lie to this after the same administration had sacked one Engr F. Somolu the then Secretary of NIPP who first drew attention to the lie that $16b had been spent on power project.

“The Panel made up of so many actors, including CBN officials then found out that only $3.7 billion was disbursed out of the $10 billion budgeted and the balance was kept in an escrow account at the CBN.

“The CBN confirmed this to the panel and it was published…It was then found out that Tanimu Yakubu then Economic Adviser to President Yar’Adua began the propaganda against former President Obasanjo and Engr. Somolu then with Yar’Adua wrote a secret memo inside the state house to correct the wrong notion about $10 billion.”

Obasanjo had earlier through his spokesman, Kehinde Akinyemi issued a statement to challenge Buhari to set up a probe over the issue.

“It has come to the attention of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo that a statement credited to President Muhammadu Buhari, apparently without correct information and based on ignorance, suggested that $16 billion was wasted on power projects by “a former President”.

“We believe that the President was re-echoing the unsubstantiated allegation against Chief Obasanjo by his own predecessor but one, while it is doubtful that a President with proper understanding of the issue would utter such, it should be pointed out that records from the National Assembly had exculpated President Obasanjo of any wrong-doing concerning the power sector and has proved the allegations as false.

“For the records, Chief Obasanjo has addressed the issues of the power sector and the allegations against him on many occasions and platforms, including in his widely publicised book, ‘My Watch’ in which he exhaustively stated the facts and reproduced various reports by both the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which conducted a clinical investigation into the allegations against Chief Obasanjo, and the Ad-Hoc Committee on the Review of the Recommendations in the Report of the Committee on Power on the Investigation into how the Huge Sums Of Money was Spent on Power Generation, Transmission And Distribution between June 1999 and May 2007 without Commensurate Result.

“We recommend that the President and his co-travellers should read Chapters 41, 42, 43 and 47 of My Watch for Chief Obasanjo’s insights and perspectives on the power sector and indeed what transpired when the allegation of $16 billion on power projects was previously made. If he cannot read the three-volume book, he should detail his aides to do so and summarise the chapters in a language that he will easily understand.

“In the same statement credited to the President, it was alleged that there was some bragging by Chief Obasanjo over $16 billion spent on power. To inform the uninformed, the so-called $16 billion power expenditure was an allegation against Chief Obasanjo’s administration and not his claim. The President also queried where the power generated is. The answer is simple: The power is in the seven National Integrated Power Projects and eighteen gas turbines that Chief Obasanjo’s successor who originally made the allegation of $16 billion did not clear from the ports for over a year and the civil works done on the sites.”


  1. Nigeria, we are not looking what previous government mistakes was done we are looking for progress b/c are country is like reseivor we have every resources only we lack how to utalized the resources due to lack of good government.

    • Ibrahim if you don’t know your past how can you make a progressive and beautiful life for the future generation, all those thieves should be prosecuted irrespective of their background

  2. Lol !!! what is the problem of obasanjo is not obasanjo that siad we should vote buari in 2015 is the same man that still condem him .is only God that can save us from him

  3. General Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Matthew Obasanjo was born in Abeokuta on March 5 1937. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is a controversial figure in Nigeria’s history. He has ruled Nigeria twice, once as a military administrator and secondly as a democratically elected president. Below are some of his achievements which make him Nigeria’s best president ever.

    1. Obasanjo established the EFCC and ICPC and also strengthened the Code of Conduct Bureau to fight corruption in Nigeria. Criminals, from top politicians like Tafa Balogun, Bode George to swindlers and internet fraudsters have been sent to jail by these agencies.

    2. Foreign reserve when Obasanjo came into power was just $2 billion in 1999. But when he was leaving office by 2007, foreign reserve was a whooping $43 billion.

    3. He secured an $18 billion debt relief from the Paris and London clubs and got Nigeria free of debt

    4. Obasanjo brought in mobile telecommunications (GSM) into Nigerian which arguably has been the greatest achievement by any Nigerian leader.

    5. Obasanjo discovered people like Charles Soludo, Okonjo Iweala whose contributions to national and economic development cannot be overemphasized.

    6. Obasanjo launched Nigeria’s first satellite in space, Nigeria Satellite 1 which ensured good internet and mobile communication.

    7. Obasanjo ensured the dramatic development of Abuja under Mallam Nasir El Rufai as ministers with the Abuja Masterplan

  4. if this government really want to work, they should forget about the mistakes of past government and remain focus. stop blaming the past government. people are suffering.

  5. I am a Nigerian, from the South-West region and still i will not blindly support what is dangerous and evil for Nigeria,as chief Olusegun Obasanjo, commands no support from Yoruba-people, because,chief Olusegun Obasanjo, must give account of our S16b dollars, which the national assembly appropriated to develop and attaining regular electricity supply in Nigeria.Chief Olusegun, who ruled Nigeria, as military head of state from February 13,1976 to October 01,1979, and also reined as elected president of Nigeria,for eight years-from May 29,1999 to May 29, 2007, but achieved nothing nor improved our electricity supply and looted our funds must be compelled to refund our electricity development funds from which he enriched himself.

  6. They are heading to the grave you people should wake-up and do something, youth ? wake up we are more than them

  7. Is it necessary to join this sort of debate?
    I don’t think so because Buhari don’t have to initiate an investigation into the missing money when there are institutions like the EFCC that are mandated to investigate fraudulent activities in the country. If they have to wait for Buhari to give them instructions before they perform their duties, then we can safely assume that something is fundamentally wrong somewhere in the system. Anyone who had watched the video where Buhari gave details of how the money is being paid back to the lenders will not be under any illusion that all is well or that no money was lost. The only thing that is certain now is that money was borrowed for the purpose of developing the nation’s power sector. The only question now is:
    Where is the money?
    Is it possible for $16bn to vanish into the thin air with absolutely nothing to show for it?

    • “The Panel made up of so many actors, including CBN officials then found out that only $3.7 billion was disbursed out of the $10 billion budgeted and the balance was kept in an escrow account at the CBN.

      If money was stolen or mismanaged that’s a different matter, OBJ is simply saying that PMB nows it was never 16billion and is only lieing for politics.

      In a nutshell he says PMB is an incompetent liar.

  8. When it come to both military presidents, Obasanjo has more credibility the Buhari. Buhari should put up or shut up or initiate an investigation into the so called $16B. Maybe the misused of the PDF by Buhari may come to limelight too. Thieves exposing each other & it is like a TV show.

  9. Obasanjo is just a wicked old thief that sees only himself. Egocentric. selfish and dishonest


  11. It is really unfortunate that the current president has little or no knowledge about the 16b dollars .reasons is because he lacks the capacity of analysing figures. He has been deceived by those who want to continue to stay or work with him. Obj has indeed clear himself and it’s left for pmb to bury his head in shame

    • President Buhari should tell us about the money spent on arms which he bypass the notice of the national assembly and stop chasing ghost

  12. Where will this blame game by present and past Presidents of our country lead us to, God save Nigeria.

  13. The greatest mistake Abacha made was to delay killing Obasanjo before he himself was taken by death. They are all evils thought – Obasanjo, IBB, Abacha, Abdulsalam, – all of them. If Obasanjo was killed by Abacha, Nigeria would have been a better country now. If IBB had been killed by Orka and his boys, corruption would have been tamed by now. If Buhari and Idiagbon had done away with IBB, courruption would not have been institutionalized in Nigeria. Nigerians should be thinking of how to remove these destroyers that are still alive, so we can move forward. The Jerry Rawlings model would be more appropriate and, believe me, God will sanction it. These shenanigans have ruined the country and destroyed our lives.

    • You see Nigerians are terrible people that forget easily, we ask Obasanjo, Yar Adua and T. Y Danjuma about the proceed of FESTAC 77, here again we still expect Obasanjo to tell us of $16 billion. This people are all made from our coffers and you people are here abusing yourselves. Nigerians are imporverished by this men call leaders. Even you will be worst than Obasanjo and Buhari if given the opporturnity.

    • The people like PMB should have been killed during the coup. At least, that would have saved the lives of Nigerians that he has killed and still killing and stealing their money through NNPC importation and telling them lies that they are consuming 60 million litres per day.

  14. Why call evil good? Why justify a wicked, corrupt government by blaming or attacking another for their woes? There’s no future without looking at the past, what you have done or have not done well. But in looking at the past, you must not close your eyes to what is being done at present. Both the past & the present are factors that ‘ll determine what your future ‘ll be good or bad, either for you as an individual or a nation.
    Former President Obasanjo as human may & was bound to make errors as past leader but does that mean, he cannot point to errors & wickedness made by & still being made by any other leader in government?
    Like any other Nigerian, he has the moral obligation to point to & also condemn the evil perpetrated by any leader. Was the former president not also criticized for his own faults while in government?
    Even when he wanted to perpetuate himself in power, the masses kicked against it & he has no option other than bow out & leave the seat for another person to take over. It will be recalled that Obasanjo when in government did not call out his kinsmen, the Yorubas or any of the pressure groups in Yorubaland, the Agbekoyas or OPC to lay siege on Nigeria and/or any community on an evil mission to kill & maim other ethnic natinalities or tribes neither did he ask them to go on rampage by destroying their properties. Nothing like ethnic cleansing like what we’re witnessing in our nation today. Yes this government says & appears to be fighting corruption. No sane person will support corruption in any form. It must be condemned & rejected in all its form & ramification, fought to a standstill but corruption is not in terms of stolen money alone & must not be seen to be lopsided but wholystic in nature to be recognized & accepted by all.
    We must not continue to promote, allow, accommodate and/or support wickedness, lies & deceit to reign supreme in our government & national life. No-one who loves Nigeria will pretend as if all is well with this country under the present government & leaders. If our counry will progress, a non-performing government must be honest & sincere enough to admit their shortcomings & incompetence not to continue with the business of governance. They must honourably quit the stage when the ovation is loudest either in their favour or in the other way round. Those leaders in the past that refused to heed good advice & leave honourably ended up exiting disgracefully. Not only in Nigeria have we seen such leader leave unceremoniously but regretsbly, it is the norm in many African countries till date. If our country will move forward & we must move forward, then we must
    all come together prayerfully & forcefully too to replace the present CHANGE with another set of leaders that will make things work for the sake of our nation, the little ones & posterity. We have men & women of good character with the love of Nigeria & Nigerians uppermost in their hearts more than our present leaders that are pretending to love Nigeria more than anyone outside government. Let us join hands together & stop pointing accusing fingers on the past leader(s) for their past misdeed. Let our present crop of leaders do what’s right & acceptable to all & stop shifting the blame of their abysmal or non- performance on what the past leader did or refuse to do in their own time. Let us as good citizens of this nation open our eyes wide & be wise by refusing & rejecting their lies & deceit, be ready at any given time to show any bad government the way out & demand for our right. This mantle of responsible leadership & followership will make our nation progress, united & peaceful.

    • Dr. Obasanjo play cool. Criticisms are evidence of successful leadership.You have done well by explaining the point. Let those who appreciate your explanation take over from you. He will not go through the second term I bet you.

    • Your essay is lengthy but your main point is succinct. Buhari is remembering Obasanjo’s energy issue now because he is being challenged for his gross incompetence in governance and for setting Nigeria backwards for 20 years. There is a precedence. Buhari was a very bad Head of State and dictator in 1984. He set Nigetia backwards for 10 years in only one year. He is a hateful, single-minded, dull, feudal bigot, under-educated and not articulate. He does not have the capacity to rule a developing country like Nigeria

  15. I do not know how its difficult for some people read and understand issues before commenting, OBJ just responded that that was an allegation that could not be substantiated, he even came up with evidences he had referred those who care to listen to, yet some of you still say what never existed probably due to nurtured anger on OBJ. Whether you like him or not, take the message and live the messenger. A person who runs and look behind countless times might kick stone or be knocked down by vehicle, rope etc and as such not reach his destination.

    • OBJ Should keep quiet. The third term seeking president. He should burry his head in shame. Less we forget his money bag politics. We wouls forever remember how he bribe the National Assembly with Ghana Must Go cash of money to allow his third term bid. Its no longer a news that Obasanjo is a corrupt leader. I challenge him to call is press conference or write is bad belle letter again to explain to us why it was important for him to distribute Ghana Must go bag to the House of Assembly when he ruled us. where did he get those money from? is it from his operation feed the nation farm now obasanjo falm? Please for crying out loud you can not compare the dignity of the Buhari’s of this world with Obasanjo and his cohort. SAI BABA 2019. THERE PAPA! NIGERIANS DON WAKE UP.

    • Adeyemo
      Where did you get the idea of operation feed the nation turn Obasanjo farm? how old were you when the OFN policy was used.always try to get better information for publishing any thing

    • But that is the simple truth. OFN was turned into Obasanjo Farm Nigeria. Its there in or a farmlot signboard

  16. Am ashamed of people in this country that some people will still come and support obasanjo no human being alive has had the opportunity to influence the faith of a country more than obasanjo has had to opportunity to influence the faith of Nigeria right from 1976 obasanjo has had the opportunity to influence the faith of Nigeria yet he has failed at every turn was he not the that hand over to incompetent Shagari that led to military coup later and years of suffering when he came back again after 8 where was Nigeria? And again he had opportunity to handover to competent leadership yet once again decided to handover to Umaru Yaradua a man he was well aware was battling Kidney disease and together with Jonathan that was another disaster what exactly does the man obasanjo want from now that he knows Buhari is incompetent ? Nigerians have voted for Buhari and it will be their judgement whether he continues or not Obasanjo should leave Nigeria alone and go mind his farm like the farmer he claims to be

    • Hello can you figure out the fault against chief Olusegun Obasanjo Administration in 1999 – 2007??? Do you remember Chief Olusegun Obasanjo take over from the military rulers… And his the first democracy president in Nigeria? Please highlight all is mistakes to Nigerians as a failure???

    • One major mistake was the Ghana must go money he shared for the National Assembly. Where did he get that money from? his it from his Obasanjo farm? My brother that man his corrupt. The only man that one to turn Democracy upside down by seeking for third term in office.

    • You should be ashamed of yourself as a yoruba guy when the hausa’s are supporting Abacha after all he did to this country. OBJ manage this country after many years of military rules, the economy under OBJ was stable, can you recall how much was a dollar to naira then and compare it to what we have now? A government that the electorate voted for in mass to rescue us is now blaming the previous government and doing nothing, its a shame. If there is no problem on ground, we would not have ask them to come in, so they should stop complaining and do what we expect from them. shh

  17. “The answer is simple: The power is in the seven National Integrated Power Projects and eighteen gas turbines that Chief Obasanjo’s successor who originally made the allegation of $16 billion did not clear from the ports for over a year and the civil works done on the sites.” So for 8 years in office, Obasanjo could not clear equipment which could have ameliorate the sufferings of millions of Nigeria, but could only say that he achieved civil works”. What civil works?. Obasanjo is hell bent to ensure that Buhari does not win the second term ticket to avoid him (Obasanjo) being probed.

    • @Anthony, OBJ is afraid of PMB’s second term in office. He has been hinted that there is something in the oven for him when PMB gets his second term and that is why he is trying to fight now. For PMB to have spoken about it recently that means OBJ is in hot soup after 2019 if PMB wins second term in office. I am afraid OBJ might spend his latter days in detention like Dasuki after 2019.

    • Do not be fooled by Buhari because if given a second chance, he would set Nigeria into the stone age. How in the hell would you contemplate a sick man like Buhari ruling a dynamic country like Nigeria for the second time or maybe the third time?

  18. Both rulers and their supporters are nothing but hypocrites and murderers. This two rulers joined hands and killed the God’s given government of Goodluck Jonathan, nothing but for their selfish interest . But the good news is that the blood of that government will continue to disgrace and revenge on them and those who kill her! “NO peace for the wicked ones !”

    • who told you the mammon of otuoke was “God-given”?

      that demon stole was silly from every available loophole ……….

      “blood of that government” …… are you for real? which blood? you calling mama p’s sh!t “blood”? you craze?

    • Your essay is lengthy but your main point is succinct. Buhari is remembering Obasanjo’s energy issue now because he is being challenged for his gross incompetence in governance and for setting Nigeria backwards for 20 years. There is a precedence. Buhari was a very bad Head of State and dictator in 1984. He set Nigetia backwards for 10 years in only one year. He is a hateful, single-minded, dull, feudal bigot, under-educated and not articulate. He does not have the capacity to rule a developing country like Nigeria You are reallly ignorant

  19. mr yahaya, is it not better for. someone to cotunue from good idea of somebody, yes we know it was vission 2020 by late abach’s regime which we also knew that the idea was also brought by somebody and he took it but was not implement due to death and chief Olusegun Obasanjo as then president introduce it fully by signing the agreement with those firme, i think you should give him cudose for that than to insult him, let other leaders amulate him.

  20. Yes, I’m sure that Nigerians and the world knows that 2019 is the election year.
    Let no one be deceived about what is going on between the government of the day led PMB on the one hand and Government of yesterdays represented by OBJ and the likes. I’m worried that those who should know better are throwing their hats into fight based on hypocrisy, insincerity ,political expediency, shear bigotry and all other clanish leaning. I’m saying, in all this let’s not forget
    1.Our history before and after our independence as a nation.
    2.Let us not forget this country fought a brutal and a bloody civil war for three years, some of the causes still lives with us today,the lives and opportunities lost which cannot be quantified in terms of money.
    3.Let us remember the silent masses dogged in a daily struggle for survival who bears the brunt of the clash of interest amongst the elite class in the two divide North and South and spare them a thought.
    4.What sort of country is our generation preparing to bequit the next generation of our country so richly blessed in terms of human and materials resources.
    5.Are we coursed, or our minds wharped, are we enchanted or collectively demented as a people. Why can’t things that works for for The Americans and the rest of the world work here in our country? Why do we behave the way we do here despite our deep cultures and religiosity.
    6.Our diversities and rich endowments ought to be a our Souls source of strength and spring board for sustenance and sustenable developments .Rather what do we have? Rancor, infighting, killings and murder, abject poverty, ignorance, disease,
    short life expectancy in short a nation at war with it self… too bad!
    Let’s look ourselves in a mirror, everyone, all Nigerians.
    Let’s take a deep breath and do a sobber reflection of the past and present. A deep soul searching for where we all got it wrong,do restitution and make amends individually and collectively,It’s not too late yet!
    To make progress as a nation we must de emphasize those tendencies that tends to divide rather than unite. More allegiance to the nation and it’s cherished value systems. Less allegiance to clanish tendencies such as ethnic and religious bigotry which unfortunately leads to xenophobia, intolerance, distrust,mutual suspicion and so many antisocial behaviours now prevalent and clearly manifest in our country and communities.
    Thankfully this is the smaller picture, but the bigger will be enthic cleansing if fail to take stock and act in time.
    Enough is Enough!

  21. Buhari shud go back to daura if he can’t continue with leadership.
    D past administrations were not gud DAT was y he was brought 2 power.
    Fulfill ur promises and stop making noise.

    • Buhari must make reference to the authorities of fast administration because anything you do in life must go with refence.

    • Wrong. If Obasanjo, and the likes did well we wouldn’t have voted Buhari, it’s 2018 3years in power he has only blamed it on people, check history all presidents elected work harder during first term. Buhari lacks ideas and he should step down , we didn’t elect him to blame blame blame, we wanted someone who could fix what he’s complaining about.

    • Buhari will always need an Idiagbon to succeed. We can never have another War Against Indiscipline (WAI) again. Corruption is getting worse everyday especially at the 3 tiers of government. True change is not yet in sight, AT ALL!!! May God intervene for us SPEEDILY. AMEN!!

  22. Obasanjo you have eat all your cake, and that of million nigerians. You can never have it again, blame yourself. S16 billion wasted under your watch and you claimed to be perfect.

  23. It’s disheartening to note that $16 billion was spent on power and the innocent poor are still suffering. In my place of abode i.e Wasimi-Ojokoro in the Ojokoro LG Development area last had electricity on the 2nd of Jan. 2018. When all avenue failed our CDA resulted in a forced contribution of #30000 per house to help IE purchase transformer. This is unfair. Let someone tell somebody judgment is certain.

  24. I wondered how our debt profile rise so fastly. I did not know that Obasanjo paid our debt with left hand and used the right hand to collect $16B power loan and squandered it. So this PDP ATM has been there for along time. Please let us join hands to pray to God to deal with those killing us for political gains.

  25. It is very sad that we Nigerians will never learn. Instead for the current government to focus on setting policy goals and achieving them, they are looking back.
    Very very sad,
    To me the current government should try and focus on how to set Nigeria a high standard regarding unemployment, economic growth for the nation, how to be self sufficient as a nation and so on.Protecting Nigerians at home and abroad.

    • We need to learn lessons from the past unsuccessful projects. If we don’t, we shall continue to make the same mistakes and never move forward. So lets learn from and talk about the past!!!

    • Then those past criminals should also keep quiet and not in a position to direct at all. What does Obasanjo know today that he does not know 16 years ago? In as much as I want the president to face his warrant and elevate the sufferings of the teeming masses,I refused to accept any advise from any of the Past president because they are all crooks.

  26. Obasanjo you are the first president to institutionalise corruption in this country. A departure from Gowon legacy. Your regime was the to bequeath an empty treasury laden with foreign debts to an unsuspecting civilian president in 1979.You are the first wasteful president as vividly portrayed by FESTAC. You are the first to incur foreign debt. You were a failure in 1979 that was why you detested Awo knowing fully well that he was going to probe you. And now what happened to our $16 billion? So Buhari cannot ask you? Oh you perfidious elder statesman!

    • Garba, what do you have in place of a brain? Mash melons?
      Stop being mischievous, read Obasanjo’s response well without any prejudice and you’ll see that the $16b was an allegation that was never substantiated.
      Please grow up.

    • Taking sides on this issue shows how low we are in our thinking! $ 16b or less what has been the impact of the amount spent by OBJ on power supply in Nigeria.

    • Good that should be the question and not to be here to praise Obansanjo for duping the country. As far as I am concerned,Obansajo is a dupe and a fraud . Mind you ,it was uncle Jonathan that discovered this $16B in question and a fellow PDP chieftain. Please Buhari should set up a thorough probe on this amount. $16 B is not a penny and we are here complaining .

    • never substantiated ………….really? yet money was missing from the national coffers for that project …… have you read the report of the house of reps that investigated the power sector in 2007/2008? why did obj REFUSE to honour the panel on power’s invitation to give account but instead pointed his leprous fingers at that “elumelu boy” for daring to invite him?? yet he is here stating that he was exonerated by the house?please, read the nationonline … for that report……………… obj refuses to accept responsibility whenever he is found wanting ………………….. his loathsome self-righteousness was what did him in with sani …………………. lucky him,he lived to tell the tale …………………..

    • faruk or what ur name is? what happen to ur brother when nass summon him to explain about money drew for fighter jet

    • Mr. Ibrahim Garba the world and Nigeria have gone beyond the retarded and retrogressive stone age type administration the North revels in, Nigeria cannot move with you guys sticking around. Many times I just wonder whether we were actually made from the same substance my dear Garba, for a truth I tell you. Buhari is incompetent to represent this country without any fucking bias I tell you but if you guys feel you can impose him on others then Long live Nigeria for Syria will be a paradise.

    • Mr Umunna let us be cauteaus about the words we use in conveying whatever is in your mind. By your statement that Syria will be a paradise you are a security risk. You have threatened the security and well being of Nigeria and Nigerians.

  27. Your President should just cover him self with shame I don’t even know how he got the courage to say his coming out in 2019 after all the Lies he sold to Nigerians. I don’t blame him. We Nigerians are fools. Anybody can use us but I know Buhari can not use us again tufia kwa God has exposed him no mai gasi kia again what we know of him now is mai wayo

  28. If a government is not doing well ,there is nothing wrong for someone in the past regime to correct even if such person didn’t performed well during his own tennure ,I think the best thing for Every citizen including the corrupt past leaders is to join hands together and make positive change as buhari promised which he is yet to fulfill. So the past leaders should not keep quiet simply because they have dirty past, so anybody criticizing OBJ for correcting Buhari government is enemy of progress, because it is obvious to everyone that Buhari’s government is fake, promoting hardship. He gathered money from the looters for 2019 election ringing, look at what happened in Ekiti APC primaries, where one million Naira was given to each delegate to buy their vote in a nation where people are dying everyday of hunger and herdsmen killing. The same thing Buhari is keeping our money for against 2019. They will fall in Jesus name.

    • You are wrong.If you still want OBJ to still be adviser any more in Nigeria.
      The problem with Nigeria is tribal if not,somebody like OBJ should be asked by all Nigeria to stay clear. He and his party was there for 16 good years.People should stop been tribal and be sincere in discussing issues in Nigeria. During OBJ,we witnessed so any killings even the government themselves,we saw ODI ,ZAKIBIAM ,etc. OBJ should tell us why we did not get electricity for years and 16 years of his darling party. If he can be able to answer this,I will then draw my conclusion but if not , let him just shut up permanently including his defenders here please.

  29. GSM and EFCC are all contained in the Abacha vision 2020 b4 he died , we all know that it was Abacha ‘ s dream to implement that b4 death took him away…kindly confirm that, its a fact….Obasanjo stole the ideas .God will deal with him, wait and see, A Big Thief!!!

  30. I wonder how those who are supposed to be arbiter are fueling the crisis you need not take side on the discuss but view both positions and say the fact

  31. The first and second responses contradict each other this shows to a right minded individual that Obasanjo is hiding a lot of facts about $16b electricity project funds. Surely, time will tell, we are waiting

  32. Anyone that is not satisfied or think that he was witch-hunting should go to court, or the former and the present President are above the court.

  33. @ Dr.Bishop Abba Abdulkarem Shalom: You should be reminded that during 2015-presidential campaign APC-presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, promise not to investigate other past Nigerian leaders, except the previous six years tenure of the last administration led by Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,s regime, that deliberately supervised the massive stealing,looting and embezzlement, of our national commonwealth and asset.
    But, with the suspicious political utterances and activities of chief Olusegun Obasanjo, against the incumbent Nigeria president Muhamamdu Buhari, does president Muhamamdu Buhari, not right to put chief Olusegun Obasanjo, where he belongs as an indicted looter of our electricity development of S16b dollars?
    From 1999 to 2007 tenure of chief Olusegun Obasanjo, what can chief Olusegun Obasanjo, point out as his main achievement for eight years that truly benefited average Nigerians?

    • GSM and EFCC are all contained in the Abacha vision 2020 b4 he died , we all know that it was Abacha ‘ s dream to implement that b4 death took him away…kindly confirm that, its a fact….Obasanjo stole the ideas .God will deal with him, wait and see, A Big Thief!!!

    • Can u call your father ‘ a big thief’. Think thru your brain, if gsm & efcc were abacha’s vision, who implemented them. It’s a pity, u’re waiting for buhari’s changeeeeeee

    • @Bobby, I am a Yoruba man, OBJ is a failure. Stop supporting him blindly cos the GSM and EFCC stuffs were all Abacha’s. The problem with Nigerians is that we forget stuffs so quickly and try oftentimes to deny the past. OBJ stole Nigeria’s money through cronies and phony contracts. I wonder why Nigerians are not smart enough to read between the lines that this self righteous man is just spewing gibberish and trying to hide the fact that he mismanaged and misappropriated $16Billion dollars meant for power period.

    • I can’t believe that you wasted all your years in the university. Every Nigerian knows that obasanjo brought gsm, established efcc, icpc and cleared all our debts. But this idiot, religious bigot, and illiterate president of ours has succeeded in dividing this country through his outrageous speech, and insensitivity. He has successfully put Nigeria in debt more than any President in the history of this country. Can you point out any pmb achievement apart from his Fulani brothers and boko haram killing Christians everywhere?. Reason with your brain before you spit out trash and end up disgracing yourself.

    • Information technology.
      Our ranking as most corrupt nation was reduced
      He nurture democracy
      No Boko Haram or massive killings of Farmers
      Oil price
      Civil service
      NYSC increment
      Foreign Investors
      I hate when someone’s is saying the truth…you start village politics
      IPOB was labelled terrorist group because they don’t anyone in the Presidency but Herdsmen…..? Again…can you compare Nigeria’s ugly situation now and then?

    • We have seen how Buhari has borrowed $11 million in 3 years without showing for it. Another government must surely probe him and treat him the way He has been treating others.

    • You lack charity
      obasanjo fought corruption more than buhari who is only fighting opposition because of his failure to delivered

    • Pls, can u tell nigerians any single achievement of buhari’s admin. Nigerian can never be better until we’re able to call a spade a spade. Very soon cows will start sittings in our nass.

  34. What do you expect from a president that could only present birth certificate in addition to NEPA bill as the only credentials . Buhari is a failure.

  35. Baba Iyabo na really” ALAMALA” , The whole country called Nigeria should go for his head .
    He was there for solid 8 years he could not fix Lagos Ibadan express way. He has the opportunity to correct all his past mistake as a former Military Head of State. No way . He was busy looting and expanding his farm at otta, Building Bell University, Obasanjo Library and many other useless thing .
    Baba otta go sidon joo

  36. If this administration knew this to be true why now. This shows any corrupt leader that is in pal with the government will have their dirt covered, but the moment you fall out with the party, you will have your dirt exposed. I have watched this played over and over. I simply described these moves as witch-hunting. Nigerians were deceived with anti corruption mantra which we all expected to see the moment the president assumed office but if this is his strategic approach to go about his anti corruption crusades it means this administration is far from bringing the nation to the promiseland. I see no future in this administration.

    • Haaba Bishop Dr Abba
      What do you mean “witch- hunting or what ? Please let us be objective Baba Iyabo should just keep his mouth shut and hid his face in shame and bury his in self pity.
      H e was there for solid 8 years to better the lot of Nigeria but he chooses to do otherwise . Was iot not the same baba that introduce the DO OR DIE election in 2003 and produce the likes of Fayose to become Ekiti state governor and even go ahead to pick Fayose to be the head of the committee to choose a presidential candidate for me and you during the 2003 election.
      Man mi OBJ should find a way to apologize to the whole country for his countless faliure over the years.
      Was he
      not OBJ that produces UMARU for president when he could not secure his 3rd term agenda, was he not the same OBJ that gave us the the mumusious GEJ as President in 2007?

      Pleseaseeeeee let the just go stay one conner and let the new generation take care of our destiny .
      Enough is enough!!

    • Also the moment Amaechi, Orji Uzor Kalu raise their voices to criticize Buhari’s government, it’s then the whole world will know that they stole Abia/Rivers state money to fund another party’s campaign not his. Shame.

  37. The useless man is the creator of all the problems we have in Nigeria today.He should just go and sit down somewhere and keep quiet.He wants to control every government in power.Shithole man !!!

  38. Let history record it that you, Obasanjo, started this war with Buhari. First, you criticised him. We thought that was patriotic and okay. Every citizen has a right to criticise a sitting government even if we thought your criticism crossed the line into abuse of personality. But the government respected you, praised your statesmanship and addressed the issues you raised without touching your personality. We thought that was good and the end of it.

    But you, Obasanjo, appeared to have been angered the more by the dignified response and matured way that the Buhari regime handled your letter. Even if we thought round one of the battle produced no losers and all winners, but you Obsanajo. would not hear of it. You don’t like any war where there are no victors and no vanquished!!! You always like to win and others to lose and so you started several other rounds of abuse (No longer criticisms). The more Buhari ignored you or dignified you with modest responses, the more infuriated and abusive you got. There was no longer stopping you. You became like an irritable nagging housewife seeking attention from Buhari, your husband.

    And now you’ve got the attention and you can’t handle it. You have lost decorum. Have you noticed that in your response diatribe You have lost all pretence to patriotic criticism… You have reduced everything to a personal quarrel and are now focused on abuse of personality. The only thing left is for you to shout, “You dey craze… Buhari Oleeee!!! Baba e… Iyalaya eee!!!” You are losing the fight already and the fight has just started o. Every man on the street believes now that you are fighting a 3rd term fight… a personal fight! A fight that is not for Nigeria and Nigerians. Fight well Obasanjo… We shall put your tattered image together after the fight. After all, you deserve a state burial still. But Buhari. Please be merciful

    • I think, Nigerians should be wise and reasonable. If these people attacking Chief Obasanjo should have relatives in the north who have been committed to mass burial through the continuous killing by Buhari’s herdsmen, they will agree we have to wake up. This will start from somewhere and by some people as we have the likes of Baba Obasanjo who is taking the bull by its horn. Understand it that we are fully ready to flush out tyranny from this land God helping us. God bless Nigeria.

    • OBJ Bombed and killed many in Zakibiam and killed many in ODI during his rule in Nigeria OBJ refused to obey supreme court order to release Lagos state allocation what are you saying ? Please enough of this raising of fraudster.

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