Trending video: Nigeria police boss in public disgrace

Ibrahim Idris, Inspector-General of Police (IGP)
Ibrahim Idris, Inspector-General of Police (IGP)

The video of the Inspector-General of Police, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris struggling to read his speech at a police event in Kano has gone viral on the internet.

Many wondered what could have happened to the police boss who couldn’t read his speech coherently. He was making mistakes and repeating the words that at a time he felt embarrassed and had to apologise to the audience.

See what Aisha Yesufu, an activist of the BringBackOurGirls campaign tweeted after seeing the video: ”I just watched the video of the IG @PoliceNG and all I feel for him is pity. On such a big stage and in full glare like someone who was inebriated. He kept apologising for he knew something was wrong. I kept cringing. It’s so pitiful.

Watch the video yourself and let’s have your comment. Is he suffering from Dyslexia like some people are suggesting?


  1. pls don’t judge somebody for the first time,,he has done well in the past,,or do u have any prove about him in the past..pls for God sake what bring about the issue of tribalism,,, what about the other Christian who were given the sensitive position in this government or don’t you have eyes and ear’s

  2. No no no this is totally preposterous, that a well recognised high ranked police officer who has attain up to the office of IG of Nigeria Police Force lugubriously couldn’t read his own speech as a matter of fact his dismality requires a humorous and sardonic action by the general public what an ignominy.

  3. this is the worst government so far the level of tribalism is too much forthcoming election we must vote them out

    • You people are shameless,so it is disgrace to you when foreign words are read incorrectly?believe it or not,the english words is mainly for english men!! ARE YOU FROM

  4. The IG has confessed by himself to the press that he suspects the Senate cast a spell on him and some people here here are defending him.

  5. Some of you guys here have said it all. Tribalism – in appointment of sensitive and key positions, which has reached unprecedented level under Mr. Buhari is what is manifesting here to shame the whole nation before the world. The president isn’t interested in performance at all. This is the reason there has been no replacement of ministers who are obviously not performing. Once they are from the ‘right’ tribe, no problem, no matter how incompetent they turn out to be.

    I am surprised that some here cannot see they terrible things happening under Mr Buhari’s watch just because of his tribe and religion. They defend his government, even though its culpability in the murderous herdsmen heinous crimes is glaringly obvious. This is because from the beginning these killings took the dimension we see today, Mr. Buhari’s govt kept silence- for a looong time. We must not forget that when they began to talk – because election is nearing- senseless statements like- the governor of Benue being a drowning man began to come out of their mouths. ‘If you block grasing routes what do you expect?’, ‘Learn to accommodate your (murderers)fellow countrymen’. The fact is that Benue people and others have been accommodating the herdsmen, not until the herdsmen conceived the evil of killing landowners and dispossessing them. Hence, the anti-grasing law.

    I strongly believe any little attention been given to the activities of these killer herdsmen today is because of the coming elections. If Mr. Buhari is allowed to rig (I say rig because they know very well that they can’t win any election in Nigeria today) himself into another 4 yr term, then more evil would be done by these satanic agents whose wicked agender is to destroy landowners and occupy their lands.

    Some try to put the blame on our military, but can the army really go after the murderers if they president thinks otherwise? Let’s remember he is the commander in chief. But by the way, to whom shall the loyalty of the Nigerian citizens who serve in the army or any other position first be, to the nation or a vicious and unfortunate leader that employs deceit and gets himself into power?

    From the failings of the IGP, apart from this video, he should resign. There are more competent personnel in police. That is certainly not lacking.

    Almighty God will certainly avenge the blood of these people murdered by the herdsmen and those who have aided them by abdicating their responsibilities, for whatever reason.

    • Sorry …some of us never understand the use of technology nowadays. I was there live and this man made only mistake once. Not twice or more but I was so surprised when I watched the video, for Christ sake what are we gaining from destroying our fellow citizens all in the name of personal hatred. Why can’t we accept the way we are and pray for elevation. This man has got to the peak of his career and his achievements speak for him. And no man can bring him down no matter what. This man is a lawyer, has a second degree, he has BSC in agriculture from a reputable university in Nigeria, a member of many associations both within and abroad. Google it yourself and read about his profile. Let’s learn how to appreciate ourselves regardless of our tribe

    • @Olomi, are you sure you were there in person? Someone else who claimed was there confirmed the video.

    • The fellow even confirmed that it was more than ordinary. Very unusual for him . even his aides were stunned.

  6. This is the first time in my life that I saw video shopping. I thought it is only pics that can be done that way.

  7. Full text of IGP address : For those who couldn’t watch the IGP’s video, this is the transcription(unedited):

    “I mean, transmission, I mean effort, that the transmission cooperation to transmission, I mean transmission to have effect, ehm, apprehend, I mean, apprehensive towards the recommendation, recommended formation effective and effect, I mean, apprehensive at the transmission of…and transmission and transmission for the effective in the police command.”

    “Sorry, I’m sorry please.”

    (A man in suit joined him to help hold down his script, and even helped with the pronunciation of the words. But this didn’t make the reading any better for the IGP).

    He continued, “All effective the transmission, other transmission, I can state without contradiction that I have commissioned what?”.

    “Over transmission of, over transmission of, over all kidnapping, armed robbery and other heinous crimes, I mean, ehm, commission transmission, recommendation transmission.”

    The end!

    If this man was not under a powerful spell, disastrously sent from Saraki’s camp, then the blood of those killed by herdsmen has settled in his centre brain. Even hard drugs can’t be this potent.

    • It is a national embarrassment for the head of the police force to be unable to read his own text!
      This is the case when tribalism takes priority over qualification.
      Mr Buhari really want to bury Nigeria with the species of people he selected to head major govenment posts in Nigeria.
      A sick president presiding over a dying nation. He traveled to the UK & USA recently, did he see cows crossing other people’s territories OR does he think there are now cows in the UK & USA?
      It is sad that the northern Nigeria, in this age still dragging Nigeria further backward.
      Let the Northerners continue with their BANTU education system to govern the north only!

  8. We will all benefit from, and triumph, in a “divided” Nigeria. But dirty politicking will not allow us to see, say, and act, the truth.

    • I have said it before now that this man is semi literate and this explains why he is finding it difficult to obey the Senate summon, rather he prefers sending his deputy. He cannot confidently express himself. During his last appearance in the Senate committee, he came with his lawyer Alex Iznyon to speak for him.
      This latest development has vindicated my position.

  9. Actually he was under the influence of demons that he serves.other demons over power his own demons thus this kind of disgrace was possible. it was a very big disgrace to the nation.that is how buhari will be disgrace d on the day he will mount podium to make speech on his campaign ground he will be talking rubbish until he is pushed out of the ring. Rubbish

  10. It is A pity IG can not read. He simply can not pronounce the words. I can now understand why he will not go to Senate. Nigeria my Nigeria. How did this man get to be an IG. Please are all police men like him.

    • If you name is who you claim to be you are nothing bu a clown. You seem to be interested in him either because you benefiting from this government or that you are a bigot. period. I wouln’t the rational behind your description of man haven achieved many things. i wonder why people like you still exist in this nation. Under this man the worst killing of innocent souls have witnessed by Nigerians. Who are you by the way. Turning lies into truth like Liar Mohamed.

  11. This video could have been doctored. I can’t believed my ears and eyes. If it’s true then the IG needs to see his elders before things get out hand.

  12. If the IGP. was unable to read a speech he was supposed to delivered at a public function, let him resign from the office of IGP. and someone who is more qualify and competent to hold that post should be deploy to that position to prevent further disgrace of Nigeria IGP’s post.
    Those nincompoop and semi-illiterates, in this forum insulting president Muhammadu Buhari,s for the poor performance of the IGP. must be truly suffering from advance-dementia-virus.President Muhammadu Buhari, recently was in the Washington,D.C. USA with the USA president Donald J.Trump, and was interviewed by the world press, during which president Muhammadu Buhari, answers all relevant questions asked even better than the USA president Donald J. Trump.Some ethnic-bigots from the South-South and South-East regions, are pure idiotic-blind-mice.

    • I like that one, do you think it is possible for someone not to be able to read his own speech. May God help him

    • Some years back, a teacher was unable to read her own sworn affidavit infront of the then Governor Oshiomole of Edo state.

    • Dr. indeed, why won’t your Buhari be insulted? He appointed the real nincompoop in his government and things are getting out of hands, yet he is unable to change them. Please be reasonable. Your president is a failure.

  13. Pls, is it his first speech. Stop blaming the President, so if someone urinates on his bed, it is Buhari. We know the people that are attacking the govt. We wait. Nothing would happen.

  14. This is the fruit of buhari an illiterate being the president of Nigeria who only prefer to choose those who will defend the fulani killers. This is the man that doesn’t have respect for the lawmakers

  15. Hogwash!!! Why was Premium Times or any print medai not at the event to report it. Why is Premium Times reporting the trending of the video and not reporting the occurrence of the event??? They just reported rumour and voice over video fraud. Premium Times just encouraged Photoshopping

  16. This man was set up!

    The writer of his speech is to blame! Mr Idris at least knew he is on commission for the “transmission” permission so as to condition his “over-transmission” of the commission as the transmission extension is on recession! I hope you all appreciate my secession mission is in transition!

    What a pity

  17. The president who appointed him is also a stammerer when reading a well prepared speech from his media aides, so it won’t be a surprise from his boss. It’s all about a country where the blind Fulanis are leading the well read Southern Nigeria. I know and am aware that the president himself can not spell correctly either his name or his wife’s name I can bet it a billion dollars stupid APC government everything is padding you padded a nonentity as a president of great a country like Nigeria can’t you see one the most sensitive aspect
    of government organ in the whole world is police because it borders on the security of the entire country now look a kind of grade one illiterate managing the affairs of our police force shame to mumu Buhari and co

    • Omo yibo, you know that the Hausa people that you refer to as illiterates are far more intelligent than you Igbos, and that is why they will always be your leaders while you spent all your lives chasing after your containers on the high seas.

  18. lGP may not be in a good frame of mind
    , he is bewitched, probably the innocent blood that wasted under his watch. He did nothing only to pay lip services while the killings were going on. Now the innocent blood shed have started to shame him. This is nothing. More are yet to come

  19. Definitely if the video is true, then the IG must have been under a spell! other things being equal, he would have done away with the prepared script and talk the talk. afteral it wasnt his first time and he must have an idea of what he wanted to say.

  20. Buhari appointed half baked officials to run the affairs of Nigeria. People who qualifications are only that they from the north.

    Any wonder why Nigeria is going down every day.

    Stop wondering. Buhari and his nepotistic leanings and tendencies have crushed Nigeria.

    No security. No economy. No unity. Nothing is moving well. Just hardship and killings by his fulani herdsmen.

    What a government! What a ruler! What a man. Nonsense

    • He appointed a Nigerian. That’s all that matters. You people bring ethnicity, religion and race into everything. We are our own downfall #shameon9jayouths

    • Unfortunately, this is how you and your cohorts see Nigeria and Nigerians–let the fool rant on as long as it is in Nigeria and the fool is a Nigerian. It is not about ethnicity, religion and race; it is about selling Nigeria rightly to our competitors, it is about proving to the world that we are mature enough to handle our affairs.You were right at the end to observe that “we are our own downfall”

    • Who is the leader? Buhari. So, he should share some of the blame. In the end, he appointed him as I-G. And, the truth is bitter which is, if not for ethnic leanings, I do not accept that this man is the most qualified for the position to lead the Nigerian Police Force. It is not today we are witnessing favoritism, tribal and ethnic sentiments in appointing officials to juicy posts in the country. I firmly believe that tribalism, religion and ethnocentrism played a huge role as to how this current I-G rose to the position of power hence the public disgrace of himself. No wonder he has been reticent to appearing before the Senate. But, even then, did he not attend Primary school for chrissakes? Am not surprised though. I once wrote a statement at a Police station once, the Police constable could not read nor understand. Nigeria my country. You haff kii me.

    • Definitely, if the video is true, then the IG must have been under a spell! other things being equal, he would have done away with the prepared script and talk the talk. after all, it wasn’t his first time and he must have an idea of what he wanted to say.

  21. This IGP guy should be careful. He should let Saraki and Dino be before Yoruba strong medicine takes his life. Does he think Yoruba people are people to be joked with? This embarrassing is not ordinary, it was designed spiritually to disgrace him before the whole world. People have started sharing this video in the US. Somebody first sent it to me from the US

    • When I watched that video on YouTube, I knew that something is behind the scenario. Most of the guys that are not in good terms with him actually went extra mile just to get him disgraced before the whole world.

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