By Funmilola Olukomaiya

British born premium footwear label specialised in luxury slip-on and shoes, Duke & Dexter (D+D) is firmly based with a speciality on a diverse offering of uniquely versatile, exceptionally comfortable, handmade shoes – suited for a variety of clients.

The D+D lines offer men who appreciate modern, functional and spirited apparel the very best standards of luxury with each shoe built with exceptional attention to detail. Since its inception, the label has enjoyed a strong growth on the global scene where it has built up international recognition as a brand to watch.

The recently concluded Lagos Bridal Fashion Week (LBFW) hosted at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos between 4 – 6th May 2018, served as an ideal opportunity to showcase Duke & Dexter.

Duke and Dexter at the Lagos Bridal Fashion Week

This is primarily based on the recognition that D+D loafers stand out with strong agreeability when styled in combination with formal male outfits. Such styling options range from the black tie to various traditional attires, among others.

In being a British-born label pursuing global inspiration, a selection of the D+D collections that complete outfits befitting of upscale Nigerian wedding events for the groom, groomsmen and wedding guests alike were presented through the LBFW boutique platform.

The popular appeal of the Duke & Dexter boutique presentation garnered the recognition of high-profile guests in attendance at the LBFW – including Governor Ibikunle Amosun, Mai Atafo & Denola Grey – all attesting to the premium of the finest sartorial tastes and standards associated with D+D.

Duke and Dexter at the Lagos Bridal Fashion Week

In particular, the interactions with clients and designers endorsed the excellent match of D+D loafers with diverse male traditional outfits – kaftan, agbada, isiagu and others.

Rightly, the tasteful simplicity of the D+D loafer offers a styling option for a wide variety of traditional attires known to be associated with our rich Nigerian cultures and regional styles.

Also on offer was the option of one-on-one consultations for bespoke arrangements for clients who desire added exclusivity through tailored customisation – including the option of hand-painted designs. D+D further confirmed at the LBFW through interactions with attendees and potential customers that there is always a D+D to fit every attire and occasion.