Senator Lafiagi

Protesting youths on Friday burnt the house of the former governor of Kwara State Mohammed Sha’aba for allegedly inviting soldiers to kill three of them.

The Kwara Command of Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps confirmed that three people were shot dead in Lafiagi, Edu Local Government Area by soldiers.

The deaths are suspected to be related to an issue associated with the conduct of the council elections in the state on Saturday.

Mr Kunle Bilesanmi, the Public Relations Officer of the command, revealed on Saturday that some persons also burnt down a portion of the residence of Sha’aba who is now representing Kwara North in the Senate.

Bilesanmi, however, said the command could not ascertain those shot dead.

The youths allegedly shot dead by soldiers

Trouble started when some youths barred Sha’aba, a former governor of the state, who is representing Kwara North in the Senate, from coming into the town..

A source said the youth’s action was as a result of the alleged failure of the senator to assist the community in repairing a collapsed culvert on the road leading to the town.

The youth were said to have barricaded the road when Sha’aba was coming home for the council poll.

They allegedly insisted that he would not pass through the culvert that they mobilised resources to repair.

The source said when the senator found it difficult to enter the town, he called for security reinforcement.

The source said when the security men, mostly soldiers arrived, they allegedly shot sporadically and killed three people were killed. .

The source claimed the action of the security personnel led the youth to burn the residence of the senator.

A man, who said that his young brother was among the dead threatened that no election would hold in the town.