The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, Tuesday said the Federal Ministry of Health had adopted eight new test kits to fast-track the fight against HIV/AIDS in the country.

The Minister made this known in Abuja during the dissemination meeting on Amethyst HIV 1 and 2 Self-test kits, and 10 antibody-based HIV rapid Test Kits 2016 evaluation reports.

Adewole said with the dissemination of this report government could interfere with the algorithm; “In terms of first-line screening, we have added Unigold, Determine and HIV Quick check.

“For confirmation, the second line, we have adopted Diaquick, First Response, Care start, HIV status and Multisure.

“For breakers, we recommend Multisure and HIV status,” he said.

He, however, stressed that what is being put across as the Algorithm is what the government might use in the country.

According to the minister, the Federal Government has adopted the 90-90-90 UNAIDS targets, which is aimed at ensuring that 90 per cent of people know their HIV status and 90 percent of people living with HIV are enrolled in treatment regime and 90 percent of the people on treatment have their virus suppressed.

The ministry also disseminated the report of evaluation of Amethyst HIV 1 and 2 self-test kit (Saliva cassette)

The report says Amethyst HIV 1 and 2 self-test kit was evaluated using kits approved in the National Algorithm.

“The oral kits gives sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of 93.9 percent, 92.8 percent and 93.2 percent respectively.

“The use of the oral Amethyst HIV 1 and 2 self-test kit for self-testing for the presence of HIV 1 and 2 in mucosal samples is recommended by the ministry,’’ the report said.

While reacting to the report, the minister said the government was encouraging people to do self-test.

“We believe it is a new innovation and new advancement we want to put in medicine.

“We want to see more people conducting testing for HIV, genotype, DNA by themselves, in such a way that blood sugar and blood pressure is being tested.

“Self-test gives confidence; it takes away the influence of providers, removes bias and stigmatization,’’ Adewole said.