A movie producer and actress, Mrs Josephine Abraham, has urged parents to raise their children with the best moral values to make the society a better place for all.

Abraham made the call on Saturday in Abuja.

According to her, when children grow up with positive moral values, they will not go astray.

She said most parents made mistakes in the past by pursuing money, career and left their children for other people to look after them.

“Such mistakes negatively affect the lives of many children in the society today; I believe it is time parents begin to adequately take care of their children.

“Some parents pay more attention in educating the girl-child but I think we should also pay attention to the male child too.

“I am saying this because about 98 per cent of the people we call terrorists, kidnappers and hired assassins are males.

“Let us do the right thing in bringing up our children, regardless of their gender.”

Abraham, the Chief Executive Officer of “Love the World Initiative”, emphasised the need for parents to always show love and appreciate each other to set good examples for the children.

The producer of the movie — “Searching: The Story of the Girl-Child”, noted that if a child lived with criticisms, such a child would learn to condemn others too.

She explained that “if a child lives with hostility, he or she learns to fight; if a child lives with ridicule and shame, such a child learns to be shy and feels guilty all the time.

“If a child lives with tolerance and encouragement, he or she would have patience and confidence, so also if he or she lives with grace and fairness, they learn to appreciate and stand for justice.

“If a child lives with security, approval, acceptance and friendship, such a child learns to have faith, likes himself or herself and learns to fight for love in the world.”

She advised children to always respect and encourage their parents to accept one another, adding that “Nigeria is a big house containing people of different backgrounds.”

According to her, if Nigerians accept, appreciate one another and bring out the best in one another, they will gain confidence in themselves and the country.

She urged political leaders to provide good example for children to follow to make Nigeria a better place for all to live in.

She said “don’t forget that the children are listening to all the criticisms and negative things we are saying on television, radio and social media.

“What future do we want to have in Nigeria and Africa in general, if we continue this way?.

“Let us start to change for the better because the children are bound to imitate their parents and leaders in whatever they do whether good or bad.”