Comedian AY Helps Promote Uniport Student’s Career

Ayo Makun

A young man @officialelvisgrey who Ay picked from Uniport in 2010 and nurtured, wrote this touching tribute to him on his IG. Elvis Grey is currently signed to @debrownest music and about to drop the video to his lovely song “Pom Pom.”

Comedian AY has been known to raise talents, among which are @seyilaw1 @akpororo @ushbebecomedian @elenu1 @mcshakara @comedian_acapella @pencilcomedian amongst many others.

He stated that: “Everybody has a helper, God bless AY for making me get to where i am. April 22nd 2010, I was seated at the side of the stage, with my friends @jessekeyzzz and @prince.udo

It was one of those Uniport shows ‘Facebook Unplugged’ by @Jesse_amiri, my name then was ‘UNkNoWN’ one of uniport’s finest. Waitin to get on stage when the next act was to be called, The whole school shouted ‘No we want Unknown we want Unknown!!’ .

I went on stage And did the usual. That night something unusual happened!! The man with a heart of gold, the man whose selflessness has raised the biggest of stars the man who doesn’t need you to be his relation before he gives u a helping hand.

That man came on stage and proclaimed to the whole school. ‘ unknown Make una tell that guy to meet me make we promote him career for lagos’ that was how I left the ph to Lagos, he sheltered me, pruned me, gave my life a meaning.

That Unknown in uniport is now the world acclaimed Elvis Grey. Thank you so much boss @aycomedian where I am today has been a product of ur belief in me. God bless you abundantly. #pompomtotheworld”

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